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  1. Cant even imagine what a 3/4 ton diesel will cost then... So buy up stuff during deflation and pay it off after inflation / raises hit (-=
  2. That's a lot of coin, if you were invested conservatively and held onto most of your $, 401k, etc, or if you have a pension it was just severely devalued (once again) and thats just the start.
  3. Interesting, noticed lots of newer ones out there this year, loan balance may hold those prices up while those that payed cash will probably be in the position to hold onto them. Be interested in the fire / theft ratio if the recession lasts... Either way, I agree with Crusty, too soon.
  4. That sound you described (cant see vids) could be pre-detonation from running lean.
  5. I cant download the vid, last trip (after i had serviced and trans rebuilt) mine was intermittently going into limp mode due to air in cooling system. It did not read hot due to location of stat
  6. As a small business serving hundreds of other small business', contemplating going to COD for most customers. Seems as if a lot of AP departments have been instructed to clamp down...
  7. Cool trip report, thanks for sharing! Sounds as if it's time for another side by side so you can both drive
  8. raspadoo

    WTB RZR XP 1000 4

    Done a few deals with Chase, the owner of Moto United. Super smooth transactions.
  9. Congrats! Being young and exercising makes a huge difference. Once I hit 50 (52 now) it became more diet. I'm on the bicycle (road, gravel, mountain) an average of 12 hours a week (endurance miles, intervals, etc.) and in the gym another 4 hours a week. Can't loose a pound these days unless its diet related.
  10. Daughter has 1 quarter left in grad school and son is in last semester of undergrad. Both were notified they will be finishing out their education online and may not have graduation ceremonies.
  11. raspadoo


    Formula One season opener in Melbourne, Australia cancelled as well.... Sux
  12. Gas here, it is loud but I have not experienced any carb issues, it sits for a year between uses (clean concrete around pool every spring) and fires right up.
  13. 1/2 ? you heavy in cruise lines? I'm thinking of throwing some money that way.
  14. Born and raised in the North End, Where is the meet?

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