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  1. I agree this is the wrong time to buy, I think if you wait a year or two you will come out way ahead, that being said, seems as if everyone is busy so 3 weeks for non essential repairs doesn't seem out of the norm. Cheers
  2. I work directly with a couple hundred small business owners. 15 years ago I'd say 20% planned on eventually leaving Ca, now it's over 90% easy. When all these solid contributors move out who will fund the socialism? Problem is most places where Californians are moving now have california priced real estate due to the demand (at least inland so cal prices), no more cashing out and enjoying the surplus as in years past.
  3. Cannondale Scalpel Team for sale. Size XL (6' and up). This bike is a no excuse XC race bike. full hi mod carbon frame, fork, handlebars and wheel set. It is in mint condition and has many upgrades (original cost over $10K) Very low use, just had suspension serviced by Cannondale. New drive train (wanted different gear ratios). XTR Brakes, XTR pedals (not shown in pic) , Enve wheels, hollowgram cranks,Tubeless, 1x11 etc, etc, etc... Extremely light for a FS MTB. Had it for sale here and decided to keep it for a race. Focusing on road now. GD.Com price $2900 FIRM (less than wheel set cost)
  4. We all should have been smart enough to post the question here first
  5. We came across some tickets, as soon as i heard about the injury we ejected, glad we did...
  6. Bought the Split cal king smart bed about a year ago. Not worth the expense IMO. The night light feature is cool but it is really hard to find a setting that is comfortable and the sleep app sux.
  7. I'd spend time powder coating the wheels black then go with the carbon fiber stripes if thats what you like. I think it would look better without stripes as well.
  8. It's a moving target so its impossible to know what to do. I do know this, I've actually recently had construction management companies (public works (bonds)) reach out to me as they are being required to have tier 4 equipment on their jobsite. I have 2 compliant pieces of equipment so I could do the work but between that and DIR paperwork I decided to refuse working for any public works jobs, more out of principle than anything else.
  9. This strikes a nerve, especially on Independence Day. I had 3 trucks all over 60k# gvwr. I was able to get them under a "heavy crane phase in" program through carb (pita to get them in). I added 2 new trucks at a cost of about 1mil (5 total now) and then early this year the program was abolished overnight due to an unrelated (to this program) lawsuit some gravel company won against carb. Now last week they found another home for the program but I received a letter yesterday wanting me to re-apply and it was no easy feat in the first place. I based my business plan, hired additional employees and took on major (for me) debt under the prior approval but knowing it can be taken away now at a moments notice is unnerving. It would cost me another 1.5 mil to update equipment and stay the sam size and the price point we work at simply wont allow one more piece of equipment let alone 3. If I had known how un secure the program was I would have never taken on debt and took my paid off equipment out of state 3 years ago and saved about 100k in sales tax / registration fees. If this program is no longer an option for me I'm cooked, corporation gone and on heavy equipment you sign a personal guarantee so there is that. Happy 4th fellow duners
  10. https://www.caranddriver.com/ferrari/purosangue just sayin
  11. Funny I just lost one today, sidewall blew out on a new 425/65R22.5 steer tire. Never again, You can run the chinese / korean stuff on the rears but I'd pony up a few more bucks and get a motorhome specific tire for the fronts, much less vibration as well.
  12. I have an x3 rs, my buddy has the XX, It is stock and my 2 biggest complaints would be #1 body roll in turns while duning (i'm sure she suspension can be tweaked) but the extra weight and narrow width comparatively are definitely noticeable, #2 power disadvantage in sand. I would not hesitate to buy one if it was for hard pack only.

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