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  1. A "couple" Keystones 🤣
  2. Oh ya, pre pay as insurance and it was cheaper.
  3. dont know the answer 100% but I can tell you a friend had a moho with a propane genset and it would put the hurt to his tank quickly.
  4. Have to stage it in Yuma to avoid CARB.
  5. Hmm, had a buddy use them last year, 2K cash only. Might be time to buy one if they are not answering phone.
  6. Just came from up there, was wondering the same thing, that was the center of it for sure, some houses lower than him burned one right behind my mom. Had to go get her set up on a genset for heat.
  7. Yep, Those 4.0s are bulletproof! Can't believe this has not sold yet, rare to find a low mi Rubicon especially as clean as this one.
  8. Holy crap, that is a stupid amount, guess that explains why they get stolen so often.....
  9. Godspeed Gil, one of the best, will be missed by many... so sorry for the loss of the Goerge family patriarch.
  10. Sorry for your loss Brutha, it's never easy...
  11. He makes Gray Davis look like a right wing fascist. Give it a few years and the whole state will look like San Francisco which he led right into the cesspool it is...
  12. Im thinking its very common, dont know why but have noticed than in most of my cars
  13. I went with a 98 XJ Cherokee, it made it through high school, 4 years of undergrad and 1 year of grad school. 2 accidents, one air bag deployment, now a salvaged title after we fixed it the second time. Point being, the first car will typically be involved in an accident, keep that in mind while buying. Id sacrifice a bit of fuel mileage for a heavier vehicle.

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