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  1. Pretty easy job, any commercial truck mechanic could knock that out quickly. I could refer you to a few you if you were a bit further north. Go into the local Napa and ask the guys at the counter for a referral.
  2. raspadoo

    Bicycles in toyhauler

    I mount these and use the thule adaptors for the larger through axles. https://www.amazon.com/Sunlite-Fork-Mount-Bike-Block/dp/B000AO7GRG/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_468_bs_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=WMP7DRE0DXE23GQ1Q7RZ
  3. raspadoo

    2.5 Subaru with Turbo $2000 with updated pictures

    Nice, Do you recall what kind of boost it was running? Was it pump gas? Computer come with it? Thanks.
  4. raspadoo

    Dump Truck / showcase Truck - 46000 gvw ($22,000)

    Yes it has, whomever owns it wont get 2020 tags. Next couple years are going to get interesting in Ca.
  5. raspadoo

    Chinese Lanterns

    Have lit a few off, do not anymore. Don't really worry about a fire hazard but they are trash and are disappointing to see in the dunes. But then again so are side by side belts...
  6. raspadoo

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    In our city middle school teachers average over 80k, I had another nephew who worked for me, He decided to teach instead about 6 years ago, after a couple years he went to a county program to bump his pay up and recently became a Principal so well over 100K but more hours.
  7. raspadoo

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    My nephew is a teacher and exercised that right. He was not looked upon positively for not paying his dues but he is about as conservative as they come so he held fast. Now he teaches at a base (federal) in Germany and could not be happier. We have had some good experiences with teachers but once the kids hit middle school the curriculum and teachers landed too far left so we chose to go private including there college / grad school (at least gave them the option) . I had to push retirement back a few years but can not think of a better investment.
  8. raspadoo

    Can Am X3rs spare rim / tire

    Sent PM
  9. raspadoo

    Sand toy market soft?

  10. raspadoo

    Sand toy market soft?

    That is an understatement. Went to Dumont for New Years it was literally more than all other types of vehicles combined times 5. The banks financing these deserve to get crushed during the pending recession. The insurance companies will have to put limits on coverage / hp etc like they did on rails due to "thefts, fires and roll overs"... As discussed before, financing a toy is financially irresponsible unless rate is stupid low and you have the funds to pay it off.
  11. raspadoo

    Sand toy market soft?

    I have a sandrail I paid a premium for due to low use and brand, I have a x3rs I paid way under market for. I will loose more on the side by side than the rail for sure. That being said, IMO we have hit the turn in the economy, have seen a lot of grass being planted on pads prepped for new homes. The side by side market will be turned upside down as people start walking away from their rigs, the buggy market not as much due to most of them finding cash homes over the last decade. I personally enjoy the dunes much more when the economy is slower so the slow down is bitter sweet for sure.
  12. Yes 29", the "Lefty" works great and has been around almost 2 decades. No stiction like in the other offerings out there, and being one sided and carbon its super light. I have a hard tail and a gravel bike that run the "lefty" as well.
  13. Can you PM me a price for a full case shipped to 92373? Thanks.
  14. Matches your old TFBB . Time to start your NY Resolution in style 📝
  15. 30" stock bighorns on stock x3rs beadlocks. splitting up a set of 4. $150 each. they all have under 80mi of hard pack on them. No leaks, plugs, patches or scratches on rims.

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