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  1. Look super nice, those 5'ers are some big coin!
  2. Have a couple extra tix in redlands if anyone wants them shoot me a PM
  3. That is interesting, Solar = 1.6% what a scam / joke. A whole industry created and that is their contribution...
  4. raspadoo

    Gas Tax

    And diesel is even higher ...
  5. Look at the breakdown when you buy gasoline or worse yet diesel....
  6. it was a 96 or 108" cant recall. That is a solid guess IMO. Lot easier to estimate Palm trees, lots of variables with Oaks.
  7. We set them all the time, did one last week that came in at 32K lbs. It was smaller than what you are describing, the roots / dirt are massive on oak trees....
  8. My Buddy had a supercharged 3.5 years ago, first day of a Funco regatta he made a pass at the drags and a window in his block. As we were hooking up the strap my friend was looking pretty dejected so my 10 year old son decided to ask him why he was upset, "didn't you keep the receipt". Lightened the mood instantly and is the first thing quoted to this day when there is carnage in camp
  9. Good points, We have been actively looking in Prescott, 3 years ago we could have sold our house and made a lateral move to really upgrade, now its like for like practically due to all the people from Ca buying inventory, with them come the politics. You almost have to move down south to avoid the liberal influx..
  10. Mission bay? You are a brave man or have a really good immune system. Last time I went in the water there I paid the price though its has been a while.
  11. No kidding, I've been looking for a 1st gen standard cab dodge cummins with a manual. Anything with low miles / clean is HIGH dollar. Mid 20s easy...
  12. I generally lead our group (buggys, side by sides mc's and quads). It really makes it nice when you have a very capable person mid pack say in a turbo sxs to essentially "bring up the rear" and pick some shorter lines to keep the slower ones on pace. I know I'll catch flack but you simply cant keep up with fast buggys, mc's and quad riders with an normally aspirated side by side, it's not a knock on skills just hp to weight ratio..
  13. Pictures Please and Congrats!!
  14. COLA here on the board does great work

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