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  1. raspadoo

    Sandrails Unlimeted

    Ya, they were on Iowa in Riverside, not sure if they are still there, if memory serves me correctly also sold guns for a bit.
  2. Damn thats awesome, might even be worth putting up with the humidity
  3. x3, just rode my mountain bike through there 20 min ago, nice and quiet.
  4. raspadoo

    You may not know that your friend is a bad ass

    That is a phenomenal account, Thanks to Tom and thank you for posting it!
  5. raspadoo

    Carl Funco Update,

    What did you have to do for outboard side? Stock length axles work with those? Thats a great solution for us 930 / LS guys..
  6. Nice coach! Done a couple deals with Steve, stand up guy who keeps his stuff VERY nice
  7. raspadoo

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    Its "General Chat" a place to get other topics out there to feel out how other duners feel about them. Romans9 has forgot more about engines than most industry specific engine builders out there. His advice (though I have never personally met him) saved me 15K on a rebuild a few years ago and it was spot on as the engine still performs daily. Also raised 2 kids to serve, much respect. Cheers to both of you gentlemen
  8. raspadoo

    America's Second Civil War Has Already Begun

    Interesting, Im not one for getting alarmed but it was interesting to see military helicopters (Army) from Hawaii running exercises in / over cities in so cal the last couple weeks.
  9. raspadoo

    Wanna give a huge shoutout to Chevy5150

    X100, Great to deal with
  10. raspadoo

    Live in Calimesa or Beaumont?

  11. raspadoo

    SU Mid-Engine

    Congrats, thats a very nice car
  12. raspadoo

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    If DTA's has a 2 in front of the number, you should jump on it, that rig is done up right with all the good stuff for sure.
  13. raspadoo


    Post it on RDC if you have not already, seems like stuff is still moving there.
  14. raspadoo

    High school sports question

    Ah, I was a keeper as well... I noticed the high school change when my cousins, nephews and nieces were playing, they were all Club players and when club coaches started coaching at the high school level, it became very political. Some of my cousins, nieces and nephews were on the right club teams some were not. It does suck and it had a profound effect when it came down to college scholarships but I guess all in all it was a good life lesson...
  15. raspadoo

    Pay to Play

    Id like to go back to a aluminum sided fb3000. Lots of space and relatively light.

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