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  1. dirtbikeguy2003

    German Shepard looking for a new home.

  2. dirtbikeguy2003


    If you have a AAA premier you get one car fax per year
  3. dirtbikeguy2003

    German Shepard looking for a new home.

    I have a 3-4 year old Female German Shepard. She is fixed, has current vaccines and is looking for a loving home. She requires more attention then we can currently provide. My son was born 2 months ago and our other 2 girls keep us very busy. She does great indoors but has a separation anxiety when we leave. She can clear a 6’ fence with ease. I hate to let her go but the way things are going she is going to get hit by a car. She is house broken. Does not like fireworks or gun shots. The ideal family for her is someone that will allow her to be by there side at all times. This simply does not work for my family right now. Right now she goes in her kennel when we leave but I don’t think it’s right leaving her in a kennel all the time. She does great with kids and other dogs.
  4. dirtbikeguy2003

    It’s Saturday 12/29/2018 what’s everyone doing

    Spent 12 hours in emergency room. My 8 week old son has RSV infection. Not a good way to start off the New Years.
  5. dirtbikeguy2003

    It’s Saturday 12/29/2018 what’s everyone doing

    Trying to get over this nasty cold. It hit our house on Christmas Eve and is still going strong. Only one that isn’t sick is the dog.
  6. dirtbikeguy2003

    Link ECU connector help

  7. dirtbikeguy2003

    Weld wheel EVO Velociti 8

    When I had welds on my old f-350 4wheel parts had one spare rim. Exact size and everything only difference was the valve stem placement. I picked it up for 100 bucks. Might give them a try.
  8. dirtbikeguy2003

    Christmas Gift Ideas

    Homedepot has the 18volt Milwaukee fuel high torque impact on sale for 269.00. Has great reviews and comes with battery, charger and a case. Great tool to have.
  9. dirtbikeguy2003

    Need advice asap 2006 weekend warrior wiring question

    My guess is the charge wire from the tow vehicle. Check the voltage with it disconnected from the vehicle then plug it in and recheck.
  10. dirtbikeguy2003

    Stolen!!! two 2018 seadoos on a trailer from socal

    Did you ever find your skis?
  11. dirtbikeguy2003

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    I’m in.
  12. dirtbikeguy2003

    Mammoth riding

    We were in glass creek week. Smoke is very bad. Lightning strikes keep starting more fires. We left 2 days early. Glass creek is awesome minus the smoke. It’s first come first serve. Lots of spots reserved with a tent and no one insight for days.
  13. dirtbikeguy2003

    Car wash near Orange

    I found a mobile guy that’s awesome. Compete wash, spray wax, leather conditioner etc. 25.00 plus 5.00 tip for my f250 or my wife’s Explorer. Worst part is he’s always booked for the week.
  14. dirtbikeguy2003

    Stolen!!! two 2018 seadoos on a trailer from socal

    Have they been found yet?

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