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  1. This is very true. Autonation Ford. Problem is they are not telling customers that they are not getting a motorcraft filter. The autonation ppg brand does not meet the same specs as the fl500s filter that belongs on my vehicle.
  2. This is my exact issue. Car has 9k miles on it and just last week I noticed the cam phasers noise at startup. I have a formal complaint into the GM at the dealer. I never had the noise prior to the oil change.
  3. Long story short. I brought my wife’s expedition into a ford dealer for its first oil change. The tech happen to not wipe off the catch pan very well and it dropped a couple drops of oil on the garage. No biggie I’ll wipe it up. What bothers me is that they installed a PPG oil filter vs Motorcraft. Am I wrong for expecting a ford oil filter from a ford dealer servicing my vehicle? When I called the service writer he said no problem bring it back and we will put a motor raft filter on. They switched it out today and gave me (2) additional filters. After talking with a few different people at the dealer it seems it’s common practice for them to install what ever is convenient. They had 2 other off brand filters that they use.
  4. Just got over a nasty cold only to be greeted by kidney stones again. Went urgent care yesterday and they told me I have 2 stones to pass. One passed this morning. Hoping the next one isn’t too far behind. Lots of water and pain pills.
  5. Great topic. I am currently looking at Genesis 32 crxl. Please keep the comments coming.
  6. Possibly looking at the Attitude 3016ss as well. Wife likes the interior of Attitude but the genesis has more storage.
  7. These units are coming with solar. I wonder if that is enough to keep the fridge going. We are going back to the lot today to take another look.
  8. We are looking at the 19/20 model genesis line. Does anyone have any real world feedback? We are looking at the 3219 and 3619 models. The local dealer by our house has both. They both have the larger fridges which I believe don’t run off propane. They seem to be well built, double a/c’s. The MSRP is ridiculous high but they seem more than willing to work a deal. I am looking for any pros and cons. I had a weekend warrior for 10 years and had a few little issues but I took care of everything my self.
  9. 98 miles each way. 1 hour 40 min in the morning 2 hours to get home. But it’s a 4-10 schedule with plenty of holidays / sick days. Plus now that I moved up half the time I drive their truck. I would love to move but all our family is near by.
  10. Can you get me a price on the factory 5th wheel puck system brackets/kit for a 14 f-250?

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