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  1. Man there’s a lot going on in that picture
  2. Thank you, but I 14.5 ft thanks, Paul
  3. What’s the distance to the first cabinet?
  4. Five Guys cheese burger with everything in black & cajun fries.
  5. Every trip, I failed to do it once and paid the price
  6. So sorry to hear our condolences to all the families our hearts go out to you .
  7. Thank you Crusty and Happy Independence Day to all!
  8. I’ve got a Gen 4 suburbs with an s4s trans that’s going on the market next week , this is an F car
  9. What a bunch of Bozo’s!
  10. We do both also for the same reasons as above.
  11. Yeah we're looking to do the two trailer shuffle as we are only going to be an hour away after Turkey day and are actively looking for a 24' enclosed so I can do day trips all season.

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