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  1. I had the same problem couldn’t read the munu unless it was on the floor and ended up getting bifocals because it affected my job also, still wear them today, get your Eyes checked because I thought I could see good until I got glasses, this all started when I was 40 .also I just use tinted and clear lenses in the dunes hope this helps Paul
  2. Happy birthday hope you’re having a great day
  3. Perfect for me also wish I was in a position to come and get this on the 17th
  4. We always try to keep a comfortable distance and always include doubling back and being able to keep track of our group, usually 3-5 rails & sxs and we use radios front and back.
  5. Happy Birthday Mac hope you enjoy your day
  6. Sorry to hear, our condolences to the George family RIP
  7. Happy birthday hope you’re enjoying your day
  8. Saw this yesterday couldn’t get a side pic
  9. We’re sadly not going to able to make it this year.

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