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  1. That’s what I do also works great every time!
  2. Very nice, someone’s going to be happy!
  3. We usually attend but couldn’t make it this year but would love to see some pics
  4. I have a 17 Ram dually and it is my dd and sometimes it’s a pain but towing I wouldn’t have anything else, I also tow a Genisis cr40 and it tows like a dream
  5. I was working in Sacramento hanging iron on the new copshop, God Bless America
  6. Sorry I decided to keep it, we’ve had a rough summer and are looking forward to a good season but you never know thanks
  7. Yes keep posting your PSA , my best friends mother was killed in Kansas two weeks ago while making a left turn with there turn signal on by a 25 year old woman who was texting and never even looked up doing 70mp and didn’t even get a scratch. Be careful out there, R. I. P. Ida John
  8. Saw this yesterday brand new wing, it’s starting to migrate up to NorCal ,
  9. Congrats on the new car looks awesome
  10. I’ve got a Gen 4 subi with an S4S I’ve been on the fence about parting with.
  11. I have a almost a bad assed buggy and I am not a bad assed buggy driver !

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