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  1. Hey guys, thanks for all the help. I chased it again yesterday. I thought it was my throttle position sensor (electronic throttle body) because when I took a big piece of aluminum and covered up the intake side of my motor (2.4L chevy ecotec), I didn't completely get rid of the stall, but pretty close. So I fooled around with that for a while. What I then did, was I took a factory GM MAP sensor off of a motor that was sitting in my shop, put that on, and all is good now. I was buying cheap MAP sensors off of Amazon, which run the car just fine, but apparently are very subjective to RF Interference. Note to self, don't go cheap on sensors. The cheap one will now just be a backup. I was holding off on buying a good one til I turbo the car, because it needs a 2 or 3 bar MAP for the turbo setup. It was interfering so bad, that when my dad pulled up next to me and keyed his PTT, it killed my car. To chase down my issues, I was using my Rugged 5 watt hand held and it was making the car cut out and die. I read a lot that the MoTec setups have a really bad RF interference, but I don't use MoTec. If you are getting interference, check your sensors. This motor is a speed density tune, so there is no MAF sensor, only a MAP sensor, so it is very important to the tune that it gets a good MAP reading. But, so far so good with the MAP sensor change. Hopefully my next dune trip I won't have to worry every time I key the PTT!!
  2. I have radio cables ran on opposite side of the car. I’m hoping it’s just the alternator but who knows. Having a completely different radio from a different power source right next to my car causes it to interfere. I’m going to call rugged today as well.
  3. PCM is located on driver side of engine (rear engine, 2 seater car). Antenna is located on roof of car towards the rear. The radio and intercom are located under dash. I think what I may have an issue with is my alternator not charging, or intermittent charging. The frequencies may be associated to the charging frequencies, possibly. I'm going to have my alternator tested and see what that indicates. The motor is set to idle at 750, which is probably too low for the alternator to charge at idle. I bumped idle up to 1,000 and it doesn't pull the voltage down when mic is keyed.
  4. Alright GD, got a question. The last trip I was on, my car to car radio would cause my gauges to go haywire and my motor to have a drag. I figured I didn’t have enough ground on the car. I now have all car wiring eliminated because I am powering my radio and intercom by a totally different source, and I am still getting interference because my gauges and engine do the exact same thing as when the equipment is powered by the car. When I change frequencies on my radio, the car acts differently to each frequency. Most frequencies will even kill the engine. Is the interference with the PCM? My gauges are not hooked to the PCM for pickup but it could still be getting the frequencies. Like I said, it just randomly started the last time I was out with the car and I have changed nothing prior. I tried a new car to car and intercom with the same results. Also to note, it does not do it when I take my antenna off. There again, I’ve tried three different antennas and even a new antenna cable with the same results. I’m not sure where to go now? Thanks in advance.
  5. Looking for one or two 33" 300M axles, measured from clip to clip. New or used. 28 spline. Let me know what you have laying around. Thanks!
  6. Thank you! Do you know if the Tatum hubs will bolt right up?
  7. Thanks guys. I have a 12 bolt hub plate with a 7” opening. Is that the size required for 934 hubs? Gear One site seems to be down. Does anyone have the drawings handy?
  8. Hey guys, I have a few questions. 1) Does anyone have a Gear One 930 midboard boot flange they would be willing to sell? 2) Can someone take a picture of their 934 midboard and give me the opening dimension on the hub plate? Im told that gear one midboard hubs were built with the same size bearing for both 930 and 934, and should be able to bolt a 934 hub to my hub plates. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have a CL4005+5 that barely fits a 5 seater LS car. It would be tough to fit a 2 seater unless you back it in and let the engine cage go past the slide.
  10. I tried the code but it is for in stock items only. The fender skirt I need is 4 months back ordered. Thank you for the post, I appreciate it!
  11. I'm interested in this swap. I have a 2.4L LE5 as well in a sand car. Do you happen to know what all parts would be needed? My neighbor is actually the one who tuned my car, and would be tuning for the supercharger or turbo. I have a Howe power steering pump on my car, and didn't know what belt would work or if a supercharger would even work with the power steering setup. Following!
  12. Pro Clip mount has a center mounted RAM mount, or you can screw it directly to the dash without using the RAM mount.
  13. Glare isn't too bad if you have a roof. I just have my brightness up all the way so I don't have issues!

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