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  1. Looking for one or two 33" 300M axles, measured from clip to clip. New or used. 28 spline. Let me know what you have laying around. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! Do you know if the Tatum hubs will bolt right up?
  3. Thanks guys. I have a 12 bolt hub plate with a 7” opening. Is that the size required for 934 hubs? Gear One site seems to be down. Does anyone have the drawings handy?
  4. Hey guys, I have a few questions. 1) Does anyone have a Gear One 930 midboard boot flange they would be willing to sell? 2) Can someone take a picture of their 934 midboard and give me the opening dimension on the hub plate? Im told that gear one midboard hubs were built with the same size bearing for both 930 and 934, and should be able to bolt a 934 hub to my hub plates. Please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have a CL4005+5 that barely fits a 5 seater LS car. It would be tough to fit a 2 seater unless you back it in and let the engine cage go past the slide.
  6. I tried the code but it is for in stock items only. The fender skirt I need is 4 months back ordered. Thank you for the post, I appreciate it!
  7. I'm interested in this swap. I have a 2.4L LE5 as well in a sand car. Do you happen to know what all parts would be needed? My neighbor is actually the one who tuned my car, and would be tuning for the supercharger or turbo. I have a Howe power steering pump on my car, and didn't know what belt would work or if a supercharger would even work with the power steering setup. Following!
  8. Pro Clip mount has a center mounted RAM mount, or you can screw it directly to the dash without using the RAM mount.
  9. Glare isn't too bad if you have a roof. I just have my brightness up all the way so I don't have issues!
  10. Thanks for the advice! Looks like LS3 TT/S5D upgrade time!
  11. I use a Pro Clip mount on my car, holding my iPad Air 2. It's not flush mounted, and I wouldn't like it that way in my car because the dash doesn't face the driver seat, nor does it have an angle on it upward. This allows me to position the iPad exactly where I want it, and can turn it towards the passenger if needed. I am using LeadNAV and love it. I bought the in-app pack to be able to download the aerial maps and run in airplane mode. I would like to get the external GPS mount to get more accurate location, but it really does a great job without it. I am using the otterbox defender and it works great for the sand! I would choose the iPad over the Lowrance hands down. I have a Lowrance in my other car and it doesn't have the user interface the iPad has. Although the Lowrance is easier to operate on the move since it has buttons, and you can wear gloves to operate. With the iPad you have to have the special gloves to operate the touch screen.
  12. Hey guys, I have a new car (PSD 5 seater) which has STU Sand Blaster No. 2 cut on 17" wheels, Turnkey LS1 (500 hp package), Mendeola 2D. This car just blows the tires off of it in the sand. The car will not pull a wheelie using a dune to help get it up. I am wondering if I can step up to the STU Sand Master 35.5-17 with my motor/trans, or what Xtreme tire I could go with that would be a step up from the paddle I am running. Thanks in advance!

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