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  1. BigRay800


    What I would like to know is how many forklifts out there that have a LS1 motor ,Fortin Trans and paddle tires?
  2. The biggest problem RG has , and this is my opinion , is the EPA and CARB. RG backed into a corner with 225 and 300 hp. To run lean enough to pass CARB and get to 225 hp with out melting down is a tall order. A month ago he had pictures of a new turbo housing that leads me to believe that thy need more air to pass CARB. I may be wrong and hope so but RG never talks about the motor. I ordered my car in July of 20, low 800 number.
  3. Buy the biggest nicest truck that you can afford. Just take it slow and easy and you will get there. Just look at Glamis half the rigs are over weight for the truck, the other half is over lenght. the other half is to heavy for a c license and the last half is over lenght and over weight
  4. I did not take this photo

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