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  1. RK Racing

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Asking...... was this not started by the ACLU suing Ronald Reagan to close down mental institutions? Of course it’s caused by the liberal government nowadays.....
  2. RK Racing

    Honda Talon

    Don’t let him BS you! He is a show off. If you see CRUSTY by the canal he will say, “watch this, Hold my beer” then he will jump the canal in that bad boy. There are videos on YouTube of him jumping the canal.
  3. RK Racing

    Honda Talon

    I'm pretty sure with a little bit of shock adjustments the Honda would make that hill
  4. RK Racing

    Not A Western Bacon Cheeseburger But Sure Is Sexy

    A single bite of a MAPLE MOUTH WATERING BACON LONG JOHN DONUT has not ever hurt a grown man with will power......
  5. RK Racing

    Not A Western Bacon Cheeseburger But Sure Is Sexy

    I cannot do that. They would be at least 6 to 8 hours old if I brought them out to the dunes. I need to preserve their reputation by giving them to my friends and coworkers when they are nice and warm for the ultimate freshness experience
  6. RK Racing

    Not A Western Bacon Cheeseburger But Sure Is Sexy

    Apologies excepted, you are one of my heroes again
  7. RK Racing

    Not A Western Bacon Cheeseburger But Sure Is Sexy

    You are wrong again. 100% fresh from the donut shop today!
  8. RK Racing

    Honda Talon

    What about corporal Klinger from the 4077?
  9. RK Racing

    Joke of the day

    My new to me personal watercraft for this summer
  10. Been there-done that... about 4 times. Not for me. I know of people that love it up there. Bottom line for me ..... no privacy. You are camping at a Kodak moment photography spot to the public 24 -7. I have found strangers sitting on our equipment at least 3 times..... try it yourself.
  11. RK Racing

    Joke of the day

    They have a different post dates. That means one of them is fresher than the other. It’s kind a like buying bread at the supermarket and checking the tag for the freshest bread
  12. RK Racing

    Joke of the day

    That’s what he gets for eating your barbecue sauce

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