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  1. No worries. Older folks have informed us that when you get older (as in your case) it is much harder to walk as fast and or keep up as your younger peers. Sorry you could not keep up with us Party On!
  2. Happy Birthday!!!! Party Like It's 1999!!!!!
  3. Do you know where the booth is located at ? Thank you.
  4. You need a attorney to go after the deep pockets. The implant manufacture is responsible for your pain and recovery.
  5. Dedication for sure! I would love to see it up close for fit and finish but it looks great!
  6. Are you also using RV trader ? It is by far the best to sell a RV in.
  7. Are you getting those for your truck?
  8. Dude! Is that Kate Upton’s dad?
  9. Funny you make it black-and-white but there’s many many shades of gray you just passed up. Insurance companies will not protect your rights anywhere near a attorney well. It is unfortunate I’ve been in a few accidents and even the insurance companies that I have had stated you should seek legal counsel against the other guys insurance company. Even the insurance companies tell me to seek legal counsel, what does that tell you? It is not the insurance companies position or job to protect my interests beyond their scope. This was Farmers Insurance and Allstate insurance that told me to seek an attorney.
  10. I have no idea why you dislike attorneys but in my circle of family and friends it’s unfortunate we were all put in bad circumstances but the attorneys have helped each one of us numerous times to fight for our rights 100% where there is absolutely no one else that will do that. Especially both insurance companies only care about themselves.....
  11. Neither insurance company will take care of you or defend you like they are your mom or dad. The attorney will represent you 100% as a mom or dad would .......lol.
  12. YES!!!!!! Get a attorney and expect a pay out in one year to a year and a half. Seriously keep a diary of every day pain scale from 0 to 10 and what is hurting. Get a more popular big-name attorney. And remember nothing can be done $$ until after the pain is 100% gone away. P.S. if she needs therapy for any neck or back pain or any other pain, make sure she gets the therapy sooner than later. Attorneys do this kind of work every single day of their lives. I can pretty much guarantee you don’t even know 5% of what to do and attorney will 100% know what he can and will do.... Best of luck and I hope your wife is not too hurt. Hope she recovers ASAP. PM me for more info.
  13. GO BIGGER!!!! That way you don’t have to do it again in about 10 years.......

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