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  1. RK Racing

    Lets talk scooters

    Is that right by Glamis?
  2. RK Racing

    Lets talk scooters

    Put a 175 kit on it with a paddle tire....
  3. RK Racing

    Lets talk scooters

    I don’t think they make a turbo for either of those sizes ..............
  4. RK Racing

    Lets talk scooters

    You should be able to get more air with the 125. I would bore it, stroke it and change the pipe on it to make it even quicker .
  5. RK Racing

    caption this

    “Hold my beer and watch this”
  6. RK Racing

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Sometimes they use the street to land on.
  7. RK Racing

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Lucky lucky man! At least that is the way I want to see it............ congratulations again!
  8. RK Racing

    Joke of the day

    My wife thought it was funny when i said that to her ......
  9. RK Racing

    New Honda SxS ?

    I receive a email today from Honda stating...
  10. RK Racing

    Put your fingers in the turbo???????????????

    A man has to do what a man has to do.
  11. RK Racing

    Put your fingers in the turbo???????????????

    Now you are going to make me go out and do that “just to see if I can” .......

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