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  1. Most people that own a 19 will say there is not a big difference. “Most” of those people that have a 19 have not tested a 20. I have driven more than a few 19’s so I ordered a 20. I feel there’s a fair amount a difference in the get up and go department.
  2. THANK YOU everyone for your replies. Beer’s on me!
  3. Now That’s FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi and Thank you for your advice. 38 foot fifth wheel trailer, dual axle, parked in my driveway, on concrete ...... need to raise the trailer a few inches in the driveway, so is it OK if I park The trailer tires on 2 x 12“ x about 5’ wood ramps for off and on 6 months? I would be moving the trailer off the wood at least once a month (Glamis trips) during that six months time........ So....... can the wood do any harm to the tires? Thanks again.
  5. We duned one trip with just the nobby’s. I think it was a great experience to see what the Nobbies can do and then the next trip putting on the paddles and noticing the huge increase in traction and throwing sand in peoples faces behind you that follow too close 😀 When are you thinking about going?
  6. It will wash off..... Think of it like witness marks in your underwear 🙂
  7. Thank you for the video. But that a hole Nice reporter there lying and trying to stir up trouble!
  8. A real bummer to say da least 😞
  9. I wish Mike would have won for president.... I remember Chuck Norris at that time said he spoke to Mitt Romney and his wife, Chuck said that he did shake their hands and he felt Mitt was phony. Him and his wife. Chuck said he got bad vives from Mitt. Then Chuck said he met Mike a short time later. Chuck said that Mike was a sincere and caring guy. He said he really got great vibes when he met Mike and that’s why Chuck backed him up 100% when Mike was running for president. Chuck Norris endorsed Mike Huckabee all the way.
  10. That’s Funny!!!!!
  11. Now we’re talking!!!!! Just like Costco ...... but where’s the follow button?
  12. I had a 1982 ATC 250 R that was air cooled. I always thought the 84 and up was water cooled? However I am not sure at all.... updated, I have no clue what year that is?

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