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  1. Going to see it sometime this week. I hope it’s at least halfway decent because I haven’t been to the movies in years. This movie is drawing me to the theaters again.
  2. That is the truth ^^^ and The Democrats that I have witnessed do not want to hear the truth. The Democrats that I have witnessed operate on “”feelings”” and not facts and laws.
  3. Going to hang out on the strand at the beach this morning with my cute ass dog and flirt with all the Hot chicks that walk up and want to pet her
  4. Isn’t that the home of Starbucks? Don’t forget to stop off there and pick up a cup of caramel macchiato.... Grande
  5. Go to the recent “”snow cat prices”” thread. There are a few ideas and videos in there.
  6. NO!!!! Please do not And you will be KILLING some of our dreams!
  7. Come on dbart, get your rhino loaded up and meet us in two weeks on Saturday for the photo shoot at Hooters! The hooter girls will make that rhino look really sexy! And since it is for a charitable event it’s a win-win!
  8. She was busy doing Christmas shopping for me
  9. My son is going to fit in with his orange and white Yamaha 450R quad......

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