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  1. Take a number!!!!! I was first in line asking for a truck wash and I haven’t even got that yet.
  2. Me to! I don’t care for cross dressers or switch hitters.....
  3. It is less than 1/8 of the price of a used Sandrail and you could drive it in the street and look cool
  4. Possibly in some instances safer than a motorcycle
  5. It’s those Sandrail guys again..... they get all excited when they first get to drive a side-by-side......
  6. I forgive you and except your apology my brother. Wash my truck and we’ll call it even
  7. We were on the front steps of the restaurant when he drove by....then we were seated at 5 o’clock position in the patio across from the band .... The guy with the trailer is wearing the white shirt, I am wearing the red shirt and that is my wife in the dark blue shirt standing by the trailer.
  8. Shame on anyone picking on “”America’s self proclaimed first black president”” remember now, Bill Clinton identified himself as black........
  9. He was out somewhere in Palm Springs today. He was at that ATV rental place for a few hours yesterday and then he said he was headed to a restaurant in town where the owner donated $500 to him if he would come and park there for about three or four hours Saturday evening. We were at the Mexican restaurant Saturday evening as he drove through town and he got mostly boo’s as he drove through. Sad.....
  10. FBB52F03-26A6-4BDA-8A44-2006A9785472.MOV
  11. This guy reminded me of Devin....... Laid back and cool He was from Detroit..... yep, all the way from Detroit.
  12. This time it was Billy’s turn to make the groups fire pit at Glamis..............
  13. F04D2E81-9FD2-491E-BF62-792B79CFF3E4.MOV
  14. 1C50F5CC-A27C-46DB-9F3D-DA969A69AB95.MOV
  15. F946C214-A183-4077-82C5-0F0099CB0D63.MOV

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