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  1. Wow!!!! It is just like one of our fast rides to the store to get ice cream.......
  2. You know those old folks...... they all look the same 🙂
  3. I have seen so so so much of that in the last week..... nutty!
  4. Those look like Bad Boy tattoos......lol.
  5. I just got my lab results back........ No Coronavirus!!!!!
  6. I wouldn’t know but from what I’ve been told flour tortillas work really well.
  7. I’m willing to bet that’s mostly his Glamis tow rig and he doesn’t take it to the supermarket.....lol.
  8. GREAT info and post. Thank you.
  9. I’m very very interested in this. I send out a lot of tool steel for heat treat. 01, A2, D2, 4130, 4140 and a few more. Hardened to Rockwell scale 42 to the low 80s. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about this process and what it actually does to the material.......
  10. I saw that this morning..... EVERYONE needs to follow Ted Nugent on Facebook. Great stuff on his Facebook.
  11. All the markets look like that.......
  12. I just want to buy my milk! How can I have cereal if you cannot buy milk at the supermarket?
  13. Hopefully it did not affect too many other RV’s.....
  14. Monday-Sunday.......Me and Ed’s pizza.......
  15. Through a very very reliable source I did hear that the Clintons purchased Denny’s restaurant chain a some months ago and then started this whole coronavirus 🙂
  16. I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday, damn good kick in the butt to lose a little weight!
  17. Stupid, anything happens that wet suit is not supposed to be armor and it would rip open just as fast as cloth however he will stay warm!
  18. Soooooooooo the rest of us are suppose to starve?
  19. Costco by my house this morning at 6 AM..... I had no problems getting gasoline but there is already a 2 to 3 block line of people with shopping carts waiting to get inside Costco at 6 AM and they do not open till 10 AM!!!!!

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