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  1. ^^^ pretty much right on d money.
  2. Truth in advertising......
  3. Isn’t that like a scope on a rifle so you can aim directly for the quad riders ✅
  4. ^^^ this..... more than fair....... but why are the rangers not doing this?
  5. Most of my trucks are not able to go through any fast food drive-thru’s... sucks! But on the bright side of pervertisum you get to see all the hot legs in the short skirts while in traffic
  6. 2 good used Maxxix M8008 ST235/80-R16 no plugs, no patches, $30 in Hawthorne, 5 minutes out of LAX Airport. 310-283-7888
  7. Our “flip flop” goes over 100mph very easily and pretty darn quick
  8. JD....... Even though you are a naturally suave guy that needs no help with the women 😎 Think of all the chicks you could pick up driving that truck up and down the Vegas strip
  9. I do not think anybody can respond to it better than that! Well said Mr. Dee 😎
  10. Thank you...... just finished checking it out... WOW!!!!!!!
  11. Isn’t chEFF that tall skinny dude?
  12. That is a nice generalization but........ if you have a “”””accident”””” such as a surprise that you do not see coming at you whether it is a Witch Eye or a quad or a Sandrail, I want to have a sturdy cage for a unforeseen accident that most likely will not be caused by me. I want to protect everybody in our side-by-side from any kind of an accident and most likely it will be unforeseen....
  13. 2017 Attitude 28IBG, Solar system with 4, 6volt battery’s, aftermarket 5000 pound tongue jack, 16 inch aluminum wheels with four brand new tires and two matching spare wheels and tires, all six match. Fuel station, top-notch$$ reinforced suspension and leaf spring equalizers, three top-of-the-line remote control fantastic fans with rain sensors, electric awning with LED light strip, Centurion package includes fiberglass front nose cone and rear spoiler and glass bowl bathroom sink, XL fridge, 10 gallon DSI or electric water heater, inverter, kicker stereo, all factory LED bulbs, drive on wheel wells, 4 USB ports and lots lots more. The box actually measures 30 1/2 without the tongue. More pictures to follow this Sunday..... asking 30,000....... nada is: 34,605 trade in & 45,060 used retail for reference.
  14. Besides reading about it, I do not know because I was not there, silly boy
  15. Good point. The 2019 cage does have a different configuration which does make it substantially stronger than pretty much all the others.
  16. A unbroken whip is right about at 1,000,000 to 1 odds on a roll.
  17. Wow!!!! When I drove by your house the other day I noticed your window shades close up real fast like no one is home........
  18. I do not care about the other thread. I noticed quite a few different brand side-by-side‘s that the cages were squished. I saw this picture today and the guy says he cartwheeled and it is not squished. My point is this one rolled and does not look like the others. Maybe this guy was lucky maybe it’s a better shape cage.
  19. It took a beating but it kept on ticking..... it barely has a scratch on it, the cage that is. According to the article it cart wheeled a few times.
  20. Massive congratulations!!!! We’re trying to purchase a Honda talon also but it might have to wait a few months..... 😞

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