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  1. CW2 is actually a great kid. However he has the heart of a lion just like many past racers. He is also very sarcastic.
  2. In the early 2000's I rode the 400's for some time. Then I bought the new 700 Raptor in 06 and went all through it. Suspension, Ignition , Exhaust ,gearing, I LOVED that thing. But I never changed out the control arms. But now at 51 I am just looking to cruise a smaller machine but make it as good as I can get it. Thanks for all of your advice and info guys!
  3. I am currently rebuilding an 04 KFX400. I want to add after market control arms and I don't understand the lingo. Looking for guys that know this stuff. 1). What does terms like "+2 1-up" mean? And how will it effect the handling etc? I have many many hours on these 400's and know what they feel like bone stock. Finally if I change to something after market do I need to change the rear axle also? Much appreciated guys. -=Spode
  4. Again, thanks for even more info.
  5. THIS is great info! Thank you so much!
  6. AZDUNERAT, I live In the HD in SoCal. I am going to take the plunge in Nov. I also considered that the stock cage on the RZR looks like garbage in comparison to the one on the Can-Am. Minor thing yes, but just another weight to one side of the scale.
  7. Thanks guys. I really do appreciate your opinions. I also see that the RZR has a shorter wheel base. Which I actually like for Crawling and Duning. But as WLD-OTZ mentioned I did have to keep bringing my 2015 back in for recall stuff LoL. And as AZDUNERAT stated I do remember feeling a bit cramped in the RZR too. The RZR appears to be about $2K less out of the box. But I am leaning Can-Am. Looking to get the one level up from the base model.
  8. I tried searching for a post to see if this question has already been asked. So forgive me if it has. I am looking at a base model 4 seater. I have already owned a 2015 RZR 1000 non-turbo in the past. I loved everything about it less the weird drive line vibration that seems to be solvable by many different things as well as it being classified as "normal" by the manufacture. Other than that I was just very impressed at how well it did on the trail, the dunes, and even some crawling (Dishpan Springs). We are now in a position to get out once again. I am going to take the plunge by early winter. I am interested in your guys opinions of either one? Which one is better? Thanks,
  9. Yeah, I am gonna ride this beast! LoL It's all coming back to me now. Been a while since working on an XR [type] motor. Thanks for your help guys!.
  10. Wow that was quick. So do I need to hook it up? Or just let it hang there? LoL.
  11. 1982 Honda ATC 185s I am working on getting it back together. Can someone tell me what this is? There is also a cable hanging loose on the other side. Wondering if it attaches to it? Thanks in advance guys!
  12. Well they (Daytona) cancelled the timed races and went back to laps so the race ended up being longer than if it were timed. Which was against the new rules. So Dunge woulda gotten 5th giving The Tomahawk a few more points. But just the week before the AX guys wanted to ride SX on Saturday (Since they rode part of it for Friday nights AX event) and they (AMA) said, "Well no, we have rules".. LoL..
  13. If Daytona hadn't broken the rules then the race for the title would be a tad closer.
  14. In order to be a divinely inspired prophet you have to have a 100% accuracy rate. If not then you are just a good gueser. Or your inspiration might be something very questionable.
  15. Video gone ... I was too late for the party.

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