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  1. This one mod made my SXS perform and handle INCREDIBLE.
  2. Yup just finished this. Can't make this stuff up. Seriously. If you have not seen it don't read the bottom text SPOILER ALERT!!!! .. . . . . . . . . . . . . And they just re-opened the missing millionaire case this week due to the series. Carole Baskin they are coming for you!!
  3. So after having used both paddles in the rear + steering tires vs a set of these SS360's I can say that I do prefer the SS360's. To keep it short in 4X4 the SS360's simply grab the earth and rip you around as all 4 corners are pulling. So comparing both these work better in 4X4. In two wheel drive I'd say that they do not work as well as a rear paddle/steering up front set up. I am thinking it's all due to the set of paddles having a deeper tread and bite the sand better giving you more propulsion. That's it.
  4. I told my friend in AZ about this and I was told AZ remains open and encouraging visits so they are waving fees to get people out doors apart from each other.
  5. How's the cell service in that area ? This spot specifically? "Long haul that I use to do with toy-hauler and by far my favorite spot; take wheeler till it makes a 90* right and drive up through mudhill notch, to the left an area opens up at the base of the dunes 1/4 mile west of pole line rd that runs behind the mtn." Is the area closed?
  6. Thanks for all this info guys! We are gonna check it out and make a video to share!
  7. Thinkin' of checking this place out. Easiest way in? Best place to camp? Things to do and see? Much appreciated in advance. -G
  8. I realize one the the most important upgrades you can do on any off road machine is suspension. And there will be a day where I upgrade mine away from stock. But for the time being I am interested in trying to get the most out of the stock set up. I have searched this forum, as well as Youtube and can't really seem to find anyone that has found out what the best settings are? Anyone here know of a video or and experience I can gain from? In my personal opinion off the floor my new RZR feels like the ride height is too tall especially in the rear. This feels like it is causing the really small stuff to transfer more harsh than it should. I am going to make some adjustments and go on a trail ride this week. But I'd love to know if someone has gone through all this already. Thanks in advance.
  9. We schooled our kids on never reaching out if we roll. I even put them through a drill. But I really think your suggestion is a must! Thanks for that.
  10. How about just some good camping footage to pass the time? Enjoy!
  11. Parked at storage area across from the beach store.
  12. I got it here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G4Z9BM6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I reviewed it here.
  13. I just got mine from Avid Cycles in Victim-ville. I went with 30's $1259 Out the door. Not sure what the 33's are going for.
  14. Gettin her ready! Bumper, mirrors, roof, arm rest, filter skin over air filter,

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