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  1. Need to get bypasses this week . Anyone have a set
  2. Re doing the front of my car and looking for 10 inch fox or king coil overs and bypasses
  3. I am looking for x2 , 10 inch king or fox bypasses with 2 or 3 tubes 2.0
  4. Because a 7 or 8" wheel doesn't help me bring the rear end as wide as the front
  5. I am currently using the wheels and tires off of my bug
  6. Thanks for the reply I just want to see how that wide of a rim is with a 12.50 wide tire. No need to see the car . I am going To go buy new 15x10 btr beadlocks today
  7. VID_57541219_030455_631.mp4 I just purchased a project car , and I will be doing alot of hard pack desert driving as well . And to make the rear match the front I will need to run the btr 15x10 beadlock wheels with a 35x12.50x15 tire. Does any one have any pictures of how the tire fits on that wide of a rim . I bought the car with a transmission issue and pulled the trans and it ended up being a loose main shaft nut and pinion nut . Tool the trans to JG TRANSWERKS and he is freshening up the trans with new bearings, seals , and a first and reverse gear . Then it's back in the car and I will see if I like it . It supposedly has a 383 with edelbrock aluminum heads and the trans is a mendeola 2d with pbs shifter . I am in the process of making a new rear cage set up and installing the transmission and will try the car out in the desert then glamis
  8. mxbullet

    Looking for parts

    How much are you looking to get for them
  9. mxbullet

    Looking for parts

    Hello I am looking for 15x10 btr bead locks and 15x4 btr or empi deadlocks 16x2.5 king or fox double or triple bypasses 10x2.0 King or fox bypassed Bought a project car
  10. Trans is getting new bearings and put back together, everything mag checked good
  11. Just heard back from JG transwerks. And the main shaft nut backed off
  12. Removed transmission and sent it to JG transwerks to get fixed

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