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  1. Hello i have a set of 17 " wheels text me for Pics if you still looking 714 504 4889 Jason
  2. It can be ran either way . i have had it in the desert a handful of time but spends most of its time in the sand .
  3. Adam HouseHolder ~ AKA Householder Motorsports in Anaheim may be able to help
  4. Where is the best place to pull a plug on this case to get the Most fluid out of it . My trans is angled Nose cone down a little towards front of car. I see some small Black Pipe plug towards the bottom of the case at the Bell Housing can i pull those to get most of the fluid out? or should i just put the Big Allen Head under the bell housing ?
  5. Always Have fast fast cars and well taken care of Mike. cant wait to see what you bring out Next. let me know when you guys are going to the sand box and lets meet up.
  6. Bump Bump ~~~~ Someone come get this thing Halloween will be here FAST.
  7. Come Get it. Runs very well i would have to pull dyno papers but right at 400-410hp at the tire with 12lbs. trq was in high 300's if i recall correct . its fast and fun for a V6

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