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  1. Heading to the Offroad Expo in Scottsdale this weekend. Axia Alloys will have a booth there. I'll ask them about runtime and see if they're worth getting. Sure seems better than running more wires
  2. Michael A

    Race Fuel

    I've been curious about this too. Picked up my car in Yuma off of craigslist and talked to ORBS who built the motor. They said to run 110. Not much info other than 2276 turbo and it gets up to 6ish lbs boost in higher RPMS. I put it on a dyno it it was putting out 133hp 154ft/lbs at the wheels. Seems like pretty low numbers for that motor. That being said, I wonder if it would be safe to run a 60/40 mix of 110 and 91 octane

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