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  1. The 450 is rock solid. I own both a 2008 450 XCF and a 300 XC, and both are awesome bikes in their own regard. The other nice thing about it is that right out of the box it comes with the best stuff - hydraulic clutch, brembo brakes, excel rims, billet triple clamps, etc. I'm sponsored by KTM, own a motorcycle company up here in Canada (www.SportsmanRides.com), and spend 4 days a week on my bikes in the summer. I still have a 2006 that I've ridden like I stole it, it still starts better than most bikes, and I have yet to touch the top end of the bike. Most of the riding I do up here is very technical single track, and extremely steep windy climbs which require me to ride the clutch hard - sometimes to the point where it starts to chatter, and after two years on my 300, I finally had to bite the bullet and spend a whole $169 on clutch plates. Darn! Buy the bike. They are in huge demand, and hold their resale value better than almost all other bikes on the market today. I'm hoping to come down there mid March for a week or so and ride in the sand for the first time. Maybe I'll see you there! Look out for the Canadian guys flopping around in the sand like new squids! LOL

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