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    I tried that Chantix and had to stop. Was making me bat sheep crazy. I ended up using the vape thing for 2 months. From day one on the vape, never had a cigarette again. Took 2 months to keep lowering the dose of nicotine each week till i was at zero mg of nicotine . After 2 weeks of no nicotine I stopped vaping and haven't touched a vape or cigarette since. Been almost 3 years now without. I know everyone is different what helps them quit but that made it easy to quit for me.
  2. Felt that one in Camarillo Ventura county
  3. I have had my 50D for 4 years now...Thinking of upgrading.
  4. Has anyone had their hands on the new Canon 5D Mark III ? If so, whats your thoughts?
  5. I have a chromed alternator that went out last weekend. Lucky I had a spare with me. Just curious if anyone knows who rebuilds them in Los Angeles area.
  6. Bert are you firm on Glamis? Or can I talk ya into going to Dumont?
  7. Hertz Rental car? They got their moneys worth !
  8. 1. We've got a crisis on our hands. Don't be fooled by the implication of shared responsibility. That's just a euphemism. Make no mistake; you're on the receiving end of the message because you're the one they're counting on to handle the crisis or die trying. 2. There's no easy way to say this. Guess what? There's no easy way to hear it, either. This can precede any number of events, from you're about to get fired or your top employee is quitting on you to your biggest customer is bolting for your top competitor. It's all bad. 3. Why don't you take some time off? This particular question can either precede or follow some really unpleasant news, like one of your employees has filed a sexual harassment claim against you or "I'm afraid you're burning out and I don't want to have to fire your butt." 4. All your meetings have been cancelled. This is where you say, "What do you mean all my meetings have been cancelled?" to which your admin replies, "What can I say, nobody wants to meet with you." They could be customers, the media, employees, whatever, you're now officially insignificant. Never a good thing. 5. Did you really just say that? Lots of people, especially public figures, have heard that one right after they think something that wasn't supposed to actually come out of their mouths, usually while the mic is on, the tape is rolling, or the boss is on the receiving end. 6. I accidentally deleted it. It's gone. You may not have pulled the trigger but the fact that you're on the receiving end means that, whatever it was -- probably a pitch or report you worked on for weeks -- you're the one who's going to suffer because of someone else's screw-up. 7. Do you really think your presentation went well? That's when you ask, "Was it really that bad?" and the other person replies, "Um … sorry to tell you this, but you'll be lucky if they don't cancel your whole project." 8. Can I have a word with you in private? Not that good news is always delivered in public, but even when someone wants to chat with you about something innocuous, he won't say it like that. He'll opt for something like, "Where can we talk?" or "You're not gonna believe what I heard." 9. Um … how long did it take you to do that? That's usually followed by something like a recommendation that you do it over and way, way better if you want to keep your job. 10. You've been served. Not much you can do about this one, considering you've already blown it by answering yes to the magic question, Are you [your name]? Whether you're served at work or not, it really doesn't matter. You're going to wish it never happened.
  9. I drank the Kool Aid along time ago. Ill be in line for one. Cant wait till Real Racer II HD comes out on the Ipad so we can race on a Local Area Network
  10. Lorne / Havasu Wiring comes to California all the time, he did my home here in LA, give him a call Thank you...Ill give him a call tomorrow.
  11. Is there anyone in Southern California that installs these?
  12. I use an 8 Core Mac, 16gb Ram, and 3-2tb drives striped together for a raid set. Avid software for editing. Full (50mbit) 1080p HD is no problems at all.

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