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  1. The motion X GPS doesnt need cell service, so if you have an older Iphone/Ipad, it will work as long as it has the GPS Chip.
  2. X2 - needed extra ticket for A2 and there was plenty on race day
  3. There was a 2 stroker with plates on here somewhere, or maybe race dezert. The WR426 is a heavy, VERY hard to start bike. I have a CA plated CRF450X. Its all plug n play. Light comes off with two bolts, and a wire connector. Taillight with lic plate also comes off with 3 bolts and disconnect wires. Remove the battery and I just dropped 20 pounds. There are mods you do on this bike to make it more like an R model. There are plenty of them for sale with plates if you look around.
  4. So would you have called 911 to report the guy, call 911 for him, or not called at all? Honestly, everyone here has their take on what they would have done. But in the moment, only you can decide what is best for you and your family. Since it was late, in a cul de sac, no apparent injuries, I probably would have not called. But having time to think on it now, maybe I would have called to report what I saw. At least for peace of mind and also you wouldn't want them going to your neighbors house... Too many variables today to just take someones word. Too many scams and thieves. I live in a nice area by the beach, and we have lots of trash. Lots. Lots of these punks doing door to door casing of all kinds. I don't answer the door period if its someone I don't know. I just tell them to pound sand.
  5. If I have learned anything in my 35yrs, it's trust your gut. First instinct is usually right. Hindsight is always 20/20, that's when you did not trust your gut, IMO. Something told your brain, something was not right. You would feel much worse if you did do something and events changed for the worse. Guy had no phone of his own to call? I do not know 1 person, rich or poor that doesn't have a cell phone in 2014. (even my heroin addict neighbors have phones, well, before they trade them for juice...) End of a cul de sac, only hit your house, something was off for sure.
  6. I was one of the unfortunate people who was picked off by LEO last new years. I had not been drinking, and was about 8 pm. I was looking for my lost friend. Reason I pulled you over is you are impersonating an officer with your whip and under vehicle lights. Its a yellow '63 VW. Just as he pulls me over, RZR with same setup files by and I said what about him as there were 5 LEO cars stopped for me. No concern on their part... Long story short, they couldn't get a DUI to stick, so they went with next biggest ticket they could, no insurance...But if I registered my Baja as a Green Sticker, then you get less money in registration but I am OK to not have insurance on... I specifically asked one of the other LEO's who was checking out my car "if I used the white color would you still have pulled me over?" His reply was, oh I didn't know he pulled you over for that...Then why are there 5 separate vehicles pulling me over??? I went online and looked, and all I found is you are not supposed to have red or blue "Flashing lights"
  7. One thing the others didn't mention, which other brands may have the features as well, but I really enjoy the pic mode. When i go on long MX rides, I set the camera up to take a pic every 15 seconds or so. I wind up with 500+ pics on a ride, most are whatever, but you will catch about 5-10 awesome action shots. I use mine all the time with my 5 year old, beach, slip and slide, water park, wherever... The stills are not the best as a regular SLR because of the fish eye lens, but they are high quality and the attachments/accessories are abundant...
  8. Thank you all for your replies. I knew that since it ran, and nothing was really changed, it had to be a misstep in my rebuilding carb. Pressure regulator was never changed, and the fuel pump keeps the fuel flowing. As I suspected, the o-ring on the needle seat was it. Well, hoping so. I drove it around the neighborhood, up some inclines and got the engine warm. Didnt hesitate or do any of the bogging I felt before. For peace of mind I will replace the pump and regulator so I know they are fresh and can use the olds for spares. Never had an issue with carb ice, its a center mount, no pre heat. I run usually ocotillo or Barstow, but this has been all the way up to 8-9000 ft with out any bogging. Hoping it runs the same in the dessert. Thanks again and I will update once I really get to test it in the dirt.
  9. I swapped the new accelerator pump for the old one, tried to give it a few turns, nothing. Pulled the jets and hit them with compressor, still nothing. Fuel does squirt when you hit the accelerator pump. This does sound like a fuel problem right? When it was apart, i drained fuel cell and put new gas in, new fuel filter
  10. Hi, I just had my tranny rebuilt and while motor was out, I redid all the intake and exhaust gaskets, rebuilt the carb (have done it several times on this car, including motocross carbs) did the valve adjustment, new clutch, new main seal, added a sand seal pulley etc... Take it around the block and it seems to be ok. Get to the desert and go through first and second, sounds good. Get to third and within 10 seconds it falls on its face. Down shift, it bogs, then picks up. Shift to third, and bogs again... Spent the whole weekend, trying new carb settings, back to stock settings, put in old needle valve, float, mixture screws, etc...Still ran the same. Tried adjusting timing, no help. Get home and look through the carb build sheet, and I missed the gasket, o ring for the needle seat. I remember from last rebuild, i missed putting that on as well. Car ran fine for over a year... What gives, what am I missing. Can that little o ring make it run out of fuel, or get too much? has spark, and compression. Never touched the timing while the motor was out. Went to old settings and parts on carb, but nothing worked... Any ideas before I have someone look at it? Thanks GD!
  11. 63Baja

    Motion X Gps

    Just in time for our Black Friday Sale, yeah? You guys are on my list, I promise!!! I do pismo a few times a year and drive right by you guys. I just grenaded the trans, had it rebuilt and went through the whole motor and rear end. Maybe Santa will be nice to be this year, unlike last year - my truck was stolen from my work the day after Xmas with all my motocross gear... If I did the handheld for now, would that allow me to talk to the other guys in my group with their car mounted radios? As long as they are within my range right?
  12. 63Baja

    Motion X Gps

    I don't have 1k to buy a good car mounted GPS unit and I came across Motion X GPS. I used it all last year. I upgraded phones and thought I would try it out on the old phone. Just like I thought, it works. You do not need cell service. As long as your phone or tablet has GPS chipset, it will work. Just thought I would pass this along to anyone who needs GPS or could use it, without spending a lot. I would prefer a large screen, and mounted in car, but budget is calling for intercom and radio before GPS. Would even be good for the kids to mark camp and keep it in their bag turned off to preserve power, so they don't get lost.
  13. If I am on MX, then we distribute what we can over the group. Spare front tube (you can use it for the rear in emergency) Tire irons, pump, basic sockets and ratchet, sprocket, small amount of extra chain and a link with chain breaker. lighter, water, something to eat, charged phone, beer and water:) In the cars, different story. Its only a 2 seater, so I carry everything I can. My friend and I were in his bug in Feb. 2005 at about 10pm in Ocotillo. It broke down. We had nothing with us but clothes on our back and luckily a bunch of water. Friend wanted to walk out, and thought camp was in one direction. I knew fully that camp was the other direction. We spent the night in his windowless bug. We froze our ass off, and soon as the sun came up, it got hot. We were shirtless in an hour, and going through our water. It took 4 sets of people to finally get someone to help us and give us a ride to camp. (We were not riding alone, we had several other vehicles with us, but they took off before we could get going. We all knew the area, but we were in a finger of the wash, so our friends who looked for us, couldnt see us) I feel if we would have walked out, it could have been bad. I now carry a full medical bag, all the tools I can think of, spare wire, wire nuts and splicers, switches, battery booster / compressor, lighter, matches, charger for the phone, tarp, flashlights, a snowboard jacket, beanie, some food, water and blankets. I honestly think the most important is communication device, water and blankets. We did a trip to the McIvers Cabin out by jawbone. Once we got up there, it was about 2pm. If we broke down at 8,000 ft, we would have been screwed in the cold. It totals maybe 100 pounds of gear, minus the spare tire/rim...
  14. Dropped off the truck and told him to quote me on brakes since it needs to have rotors turned. Called me and said alignment was done and said the brakes have about 75% left. No up sell. Was actually one of the more pleasant times I have had service done. Pick it up after work, hopefully the alignment was actually done...LOL I also have a firestone by my house in HB and I have taken the buggy wheels there, also had them take off the gland nut so I could swap the main seal and put the gland nut back on for me. Didnt even charge me... Thats 2 for 2 with these guys.

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