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  1. Dustin P

    AJ Speed shifter

    Anyone have a complete AJ Speed shifter for a 2d they would like to sell. If so pm me. Thanks
  2. Pretty sure he sold it. I sent him a message a few months back and never heard from him.
  3. And working with Joe Moore in the past from Fox I've had the best success with getting my spring setup correctly by using this formula as a starting point. 3 & 1/4 in of preload with 30 to 35% shock droop. That should get you ballpark if you have 35% group currently with no preload you're extremely over sprung. The best way to do it is to borrow Springs from some friends and try several different spring combinations until you get to the desired ride height with 3 - 1/4 inch of preload. And then valve your socks to prevent bottoming out. Also engaging that crossover ring too soon can make your car non compliant through the whoops.
  4. I would go to Barstow and have King tune your shocks. It is imperative that you get the correct springs for your tuning. Fox has a work sheet that they send you for a lot of measurements on you current set up. I would think King would do the same. I have used fox at Plaster city never King. I do know they do it and it is free. Be prepared to buy multiple sets of springs for your secession. I have used many shock tuners in the past with no improvements made and lots of money spent. By far the best I have worked with was Joe Moore. He was the race manager for Fox but moved to Washington. Still comes down and does tuning a few times a year. Nexr best was using Fox at plaster city. So King at Barston for the cost of a days wages sounds good. Good luck
  5. I have them mounted on a 12 inch rim and it is 29-1/2 at 12 psi.
  6. A good rule of thumb is you should.be able to tune your suspension to go through whoops that are equal to your travel. So if you are going through 18 inch deep whoops you would need close to 18 inches of travel. Not to say it's not worth tuning your shocks but you may need to adjust your expectations.
  7. Thank you for the input.
  8. Mine is a 2 seat mid engine Subaru powered rail. Full body 104 inch wheel base and is 1600 lbs on Outfront's scale
  9. Does anyone have any feedback on CBR intercoolers. Is the quality up there with Bell and Turbonetics? Thanks
  10. Sam at Rancho is a man of his word. Stands by his work and is great to deal with.
  11. Tom pro cars are one of the better handling Hayabusa cars out there. The good ones have bypasses on all corners. They are 1200 to 1300 pounds. Stay away from the reverse box and turbo' s and it should be a great car. His reverse boxes have internal chains not Gears.
  12. NA and a large car driven easy will last also. But that is not how I dune.
  13. Richard H has the right combo. No reverse or diff and 825 pounds. That is a good safe weight for the busa to push. My first car was 650 pounds made of 1" .065 wall. Super lite. Very reliable never had issue with trans or chains. 2nd was 1200 pounds with all the issues stated in the first post. Lite car was durable but a rough ride. So fast at 15 psi. 4 gear wheel stands on acident. Couple hour ride was 3 to 4 gallons. If you are young and don't mind the rough ride then just get one without a diff and lite weight. If you need a plush ride I would get a larger car with a larger motor. I got tired of Getting beat up in the chatter. It only had 26 inch rear tires. Makes every track out there a hole. After the wind blows and the sand is perfect there is not a better ride that the small lite car. By the end of the weekend the sand was rough again and I was done.
  14. I've had 2 Hayabusa rails. With the dunes getting rougher over the years you need larger vehical than the past. Bigger the tire smaller the hole. I had a built busa turbo motor and broke my Jeffco reverse box every year. You have to shift constantly. I was a die hard motorcycle power guy but switched to a Subaru. Would never go back. Power is so much broader and usable. Hayabusa in a single seat drag buggy would be fun as long as it's very light. My car was 1200 pounds. Went through a chain every trip. Trans every 2 years and reverse box yearly. I drive hard but treat my stuff with respect.

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