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  1. Dustin P

    Outfront motorsports polished intake manifold

    Price drop
  2. Dustin P

    Lincoln Weld Pac 180

    Still available?
  3. Shaved and polished intake manifold from outfront motorsports. Outfront charges $150 for a core manifold and $300 to shave and polish the manifold. Coil is not included. $160
  4. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

    Oh thanks. Got you 2 condused.
  5. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

    Sold to Grease Monkey. Great dude.
  6. Dustin P

    Garrett gtx 2871r

    Sale pending to a friend
  7. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

    Sale pending with grease monkey.
  8. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

    Picture of plug added
  9. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

    Its John's harness. Will post a picture late tomorrow .
  10. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

  11. Just got a set from Kartek. If you can't find them used they have them in stock. Or they did last week. $ 365 each
  12. I would go to Barstow and have King tune your shocks. It is imperative that you get the correct springs for your tuning. Fox has a work sheet that they send you for a lot of measurements on you current set up. I would think King would do the same. I have used fox at Plaster city never King. I do know they do it and it is free. Be prepared to buy multiple sets of springs for your secession. I have used many shock tuners in the past with no improvements made and lots of money spent. By far the best I have worked with was Joe Moore. He was the race manager for Fox but moved to Washington. Still comes down and does tuning a few times a year. Nexr best was using Fox at plaster city. So King at Barston for the cost of a days wages sounds good. Good luck
  13. Dustin P

    Outfront reverse mount alternator

    Bump with lower price
  14. I have a Outfront chrome reverse mount alternator. Still charges but seems like it has a bearing going out. Shaft is loose. Also have an oriellys alternator part number.R111003A. This is the same case size and works as a direct replacement. It was my spare and was used for 1 trip. Paid 180 at Oriellys with out the core. $80 for both.
  15. Dustin P

    Dune Sport 14.5x15 tire height

    I have them mounted on a 12 inch rim and it is 29-1/2 at 12 psi.

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