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  1. I have a AJ speed shifter for a 2d that was rebuild by Dave at Buggy Works in El Cajon. Ran it for one trip and I like feel of the H Patten better. Has reverse lock out and a digital gear indicator. With under dash mounting bracket. Will come with the harness ,digital gear indicator and complete shifter assembly. You would still need Hydrolic lines. $1200.00
  2. Yes I still have the valve covers and heads. They are listed separately
  3. Anybody have any experience with the lense types for scott prospect goggles. I ride in glamis and usually wear polarized lenses but they are not offered. What is the darkest lense for sensitive eyes and glare reduction Thx
  4. Dustin P

    AJ Speed shifter

    Anyone have a complete AJ Speed shifter for a 2d they would like to sell. If so pm me. Thanks
  5. Pretty sure he sold it. I sent him a message a few months back and never heard from him.
  6. And working with Joe Moore in the past from Fox I've had the best success with getting my spring setup correctly by using this formula as a starting point. 3 & 1/4 in of preload with 30 to 35% shock droop. That should get you ballpark if you have 35% group currently with no preload you're extremely over sprung. The best way to do it is to borrow Springs from some friends and try several different spring combinations until you get to the desired ride height with 3 - 1/4 inch of preload. And then valve your socks to prevent bottoming out. Also engaging that crossover ring too soon can make your car non compliant through the whoops.
  7. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    Thanks for keeping an eye out but it will not work on a 2d.
  8. Try John at Outfront
  9. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    I saw it but noticed it was not for the 2d. I have found 1 but have left the want add up as a friend it looking as well. Thanks
  10. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    Anyone have a complete AJ Speed shifter for a 2d they would like to sell. If so pm me. Thanks

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