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  1. Dustin P

    Outfront motorsports polished intake manifold

    Sale pending to glamis gringo
  2. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    Thanks for keeping an eye out but it will not work on a 2d.
  3. Dustin P

    ISO Subaru Headers

    Try John at Outfront
  4. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    I saw it but noticed it was not for the 2d. I have found 1 but have left the want add up as a friend it looking as well. Thanks
  5. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    Thank you.
  6. Dustin P

    AJ speed shifter

    Anyone have a complete AJ Speed shifter for a 2d they would like to sell. If so pm me. Thanks
  7. Max energy programmer for 2005 dodge ram with Cummins 5.9. This has 3 settings for an additional 100 hp and 200 foot pounds of torque. Also allows you to reprogram your speedo for different tie size. This is the only California legal chip. Has an E.O number Sold the truck so no longer needed. $200.00
  8. Dustin P

    Garrett gtx 2871r

    Sale pending to Timmers 32
  9. Dustin P

    Garrett gtx 2871r

    Sounds good. I'm in Menifee ca. how about you?
  10. Heads $350 Valve covers with billet filler neck and and breathers. $160 I purchased a 2.5 motor kit two and a half years ago from outfront Motorsports that had these 2.0 JDM heads on them. They are an upgrade from the basic motor package heads and are good for 500 hp. My motor made 450 horse with these heads. Had the heads off last summer and John at outfront did they vacuum test and an inspection because I blew a head gasket. The heads were flat according to John and the vacuum test was good. Went out for three trips this season and decided to build a stroker motor. The valve covers are Chrome with Billet breathers with billet fill neck cost $270 new from Outfront for the complete set. The heads cost $700 for the Cores if you were to buy them outright. They are still in good shape and ready to run. I took a wire wheel and cleaned around the spark plug holes so you can see there are no cracks. Cams and buckets are included
  11. Dustin P

    Garrett gtx 2871r

    Yes it's a garrett turbo. I bought it as a gt2871r years back then when I had the turbo rebuilt last summer I had James at Performance Techniques in San Bernardino put the larger billet gtx wheel. He uses KTS wheels.

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