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  1. My son has one. Its the best RC car, he doesn't touch any of his other ones.
  2. SD Angler

    First Deer

    Congrats, I would recommend learning how to quarter them, once you get the hang of it, it doesn’t take long. It also speeds the cooling process which is always a plus.
  3. I fish every week during the summer and over the years, I have been stopped plenty of times by all the agencies, coast guard, dfg, border patrol, etc. All my interactions have been professional and courteous. It only seems that people with attitudes and/or have something to hide have negative contacts. I'm glad they're out there making there presence known, when it comes to fishing, I see too many people not playing by the rules. All the water agencies work together, Just a couple weeks ago, DFG stopped a boat for a check and found that they were smuggling people and turned them over to border patrol. As far as I know dfg, coast guard, and border patrol do not need probable cause to board a vessel on navigatable waters. Show them some respect and they will usually do the same for you.
  4. X2 x3 I brought him a trans a few year back in a box already disassembled he rebuilt it while I waited did a great job for a lot less than I was expecting I think he has a 2d at sweetmaries on consignment x4 Give him a call and he'll be happy to answer all your questions.
  5. It was a little breezy today, the wind came up pretty good at sunset but laid down about an hour ago.It's breezy now but not bad. It has been pretty windy the last couple of days though.
  6. Who answers the door at 10:30 pm without a gun?
  7. Anyone else notice that the tubing didn't fail (break), the bolts that hold the cage together sheared off, check out the 2nd pic on page 3. This resulted in all the downward force being concentrated on the rear portion of the cage instead of distributing the force to all 4 corners. I wonder what the cage would have looked like if the bolts hadn't sheared?
  8. Some pretty useful tricks there, I especially like the rubber band over the paint
  9. Great vids and tunes. Unless I missed them, You should include the title/artist of the music in the opening.

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