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  1. Original owner, 1997 Alba Banshee. Green sticker $3200.00 619 997 2429 La Mesa
  2. If the cylinders don't have a ridge at the top of the piston stroke you should be able to go with just new, stock size pistons, rings, wrist pins, bearings and C clips. If the cylinders are worn then you would need to go for the oversize bore and pistons along with the other parts listed above.
  3. Hearing your welcome as an answer to Thank you. Now the response is "no Problem" WTF Who here is guilty of that one?
  4. lifer


    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Lady bumps
  5. Another option if you don't want to just turn left, is Karting. Like anything you can spend as much as you like, but you can get on the track for about 2K. I run with San Diego karting at Qualcomm. We run wheel to wheel about once a month. PM me if you would like more information or check the web site. SDKA.com
  6. I'm a Lifer. Oh, and I go to the gym.
  7. Everybody knows, If your going to get in a fight at the track, Don't take off your helmet!
  8. After reading the description in the first post it sounds like classic symptoms of a seized piston. The reason I say to take the top end apart is because that is a lot easer than trying to chase down an electrical gremlin.
  9. Cool, but how do you tell which s the front to fly it?

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