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  1. I'm a general dentist and I don't really have much to add to what has already been said. However, If you want to know who the real crooks are it's the insurance industry. They have figured out how to cheat both the patient and the provider. My advice would be for the patient and the Doctor to quit making decisions based on insurance.
  2. so, could someone just list the parts needed for a system? panels, inverter ????? what are good brands? My microwave works off of my batteries in my motorhome. does that mean I already have an inverter? I thought I just had a converter. Lots of confusion LOL
  3. Is that a good place to buy other components as well?
  4. Yeah, I would like to support a board member and I need 4 whips. I know nothing about how these work. What is the best way to order?
  5. reviving this thread. So, you have to buy the quick disconnect separately? which ones? where?
  6. Update: I ended up buying a 2019 xp4 turbo S that has been wrecked. Anyone have any parts for sale? I need tires/ wheels, trailing arms, hub, radius arms and maybe a few other things......
  7. Looking to buy parts for a XP4 Turbo S. I need: trailing arms right rear hub radius arms wheels and tires rear bed/ plastics
  8. Thanks everyone, keep the info coming. I'm trying to stay in the used market to keep cost down under 20k hopefully. probably trying to stick w/ a 4 seater, but not sure. quite frankly, the 900 was almost acceptable for what we used it for, so I'm trying not to get too crazy here. I think I remember hearing that the 1000 wasn't much of an upgrade from the 900 due to added weight, but I would love to hear that from someone who has had both. I assume the 1000 has improved suspension? I think the X3's are outside of my budget although that is what I would like to have.
  9. I sold my xp4 900 over the summer. My primary ride is a 4 seat Sand Limo, but I miss the rzr as a backup/ ride for others who we take on trips that don't have anything to ride. So, I don't want to spend any more than necessary, but I want a descent ride. Power is important, but suspension is really what I would like to hear about. The 900 suspension was pretty bad in stock form. Can someone who knows tell me about the xp1000/ xp turbo/ can am x3 and the similarities/ differences? Is the 1000 a big step up from the 900? As always, I'm sure my post is confusing, but thoughts please....
  10. anyone have a system they're happy with? I have dish network
  11. Dang, I got an itchy trigger finger and ordered the King before your reply. I have Dish network and there is currently a dish on the coach, but I don't know what it is. I just bought the coach and don't want to be without satellite for our thanksgiving trip. That's the reason for the rush. I have a winegard on my toy hauler, but this one advertises no switches and a faster automatic start. I hate having to go through the switches every time the power is cut and turned back on. I may have to see if I can return it if it really isn't a good choice. I should have thought of you first Squatcher, but I haven't been spending much time on this site lately.
  12. I'm looking at getting the King one pro dish for my motorhome. Anyone using it or know anything about it? Seems relatively new. Any recommendations or suggestions otherwise?

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