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  1. yeah, we are staying at the Bahia... thank you.
  2. Well next week we ar taking a small vacation and headed out to Mission to spend a few days out of this Arizona heat. 3 of us want to do a half day fishing trip. Any advice on who to call or where to go? anyone have any hook ups? thanks for the help...
  3. Perris is in riverside. The video was from a prior heat race.. and yes, checked paypal yesterday, thank you once again. Helps more then you can imagine.. thank you so much. Now an update from perris.. 35 cars. Won the heat race. Tried a different left rear shock in the main. Didnt work would be an understatement. Car had no drive off.. still managed a 5th place finish.
  4. Thought I would let the Cali peeps know, We will be out racing this Saturday night at Perris Auto Speedway if anyone would like to come watch. It should be a great show. $1500 to win. Lots of cars coming from AZ and from Northern Cali also.. stop by and say hi if you make it out..
  5. O Soto Gari

    Sad News

    I was completely shocked to hear this today.. He passed last Friday.. please everyone keep Debbie in your thoughts and prayers.. Tank was a good guy for sure.
  6. if yougo to Oreillys, it is something like 14 bucks there for the Blue DEF. I pull up Walmart on my phone and they price the 11 dollars it costs there.
  7. i can get it and hang on to it for you until you figure something out.
  8. I can't even imagine.. we are 90 mph on that track in the modified.. have to be flying on a bike..
  9. ah gotcha.. I was thinking that was a pretty big track to be flat tracking a motorcycle on.. cool deal. have fun.
  10. perris is a cool track.. you running on the big half mile one?
  11. it finally lets me respond...black long sleeve in 25 plus 5 shipping and handling.. designiniron@msn.com is the pay pal or you can mail a check if you want.. e mail me the info at that email.. oh, what size?
  12. fuel and hotel.. need an address to send the check?
  13. started 7th in the heat, finished 2nd. started 9th in main and finished 4th..
  14. yes sir.. have new shirts.. have a few sizes of blue left, have black and gray, black long sleeve and gray hoodies..

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