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  1. mctoo

    Wall Sag

    I've fixed a few I have jacked the trailers up and supported the trailer on the walls Used 4X4s along bottom of walls with jack stands at each end and bottle jacks in middle for extra support Reinforced existing out riggers and added as needed Then cross bracing between frame rails at out rigger location Picture your building a truss under the bottom of trailer With trailer supported take a straight edge across the floor inside I will raise the floor at the walls 1/8" to 3/16" higher than the center ( Preload Reverse sag ) I'll use a couple of floor jacks on the frame to get the dimension Just supporting the walls with out frame supported yet the most I've gotten is 3/8" reverse sag Draw a picture of your trailer upside down a cut in half view add truss across it The flip it over It will make sense If you have dry rot in the walls that will cause additional wall sag
  2. mctoo

    2018 SSSS photos

    Thank You for the pictures
  3. mctoo

    New 5 seat build. Ground up.

    Nice, Looks like a lot of welding Have you figured out how many feet of weld on complete project ?
  4. mctoo

    WTB. 33X17 Sand blasters #2cut

    PM sent
  5. mctoo

    FTL4005/CL4005 pin box length?

    CL Back of box to center line of pin 34 1/2"
  6. mctoo

    Sausage’s tips for tig welding alumn.

    Nice write up and good work
  7. mctoo

    What motor 415, 425, 440 or LSA

    Tell me more on the 2.9 on the 415 or 425 what kind of power ?
  8. mctoo

    WTB. 33X17 Sand blasters #2cut

    Looking for 33X17 #2 sand blasters One tire would be ok Thanks Mark
  9. mctoo

    Door hinges

    Thanks Grease Monkey. As above from Mcmaster carr I've used the barrel hinges Also have made them from round stock and tubing. I don't have any pictures of them One thing make them adjustable Don't weld them solid. They will sag in time from car twisting and ware. One other option use the hidden hinges that are used on Hot Rods.
  10. mctoo

    Electronic dash?

    Build new dash with recessed screen to shield it from suns glare.
  11. mctoo

    Towing a big 5er with 3/4 ton diesel

    No, Looked at GVW. weight stickers on vehicles I had it weighed on truck scale previously
  12. mctoo

    Towing a big 5er with 3/4 ton diesel

    I'll through my two cents in on this. I drive a F450 with a WW CL4005. Total weight loaded 29850. LBS. over scales Legal weights on all axles. and not exceeding the CGW of the truck. Last season we were on the 210 to Glamis and were rear ended by a drunk driver, this happen in a construction zone and the CHP were there and witnessed the accident. When the report was being filled out The GVW of the truck and trailer were noted on report I have a class A licence and that was noted too. Turned it in to my insurance and they verified weights with just the stickers on the vehiciles and that I had the correct license for what I was driving.
  13. mctoo

    Does anyone have a weekend warrior CL 4005

    Rear tire stay on have about an inch on each side going through door opening I don't have a dimension for the front wheels I had to remove the table and it's pocket for clearance. Not sure on how many quads will go in front. I have backed the car in with one skinny tire on slide out side all the way to front cabinet. Had one quad in front ( Yamaha Blaster ) and to quads at rear of trailer side by side ( Banshee and 250R ) Also a couple of pictures of the ramp for the slide out There are Teflon furniture moving pads on the bottom to slide on when the slide out goes in an out.
  14. mctoo

    Does anyone have a weekend warrior CL 4005

    4 seat SCU in CL4005

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