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  1. Here is one I did for a prerunner Small led light bar in center
  2. Damm I can't get any thing right At least you guys had some thoughts on it And no I don't support illegal Immigration.
  3. I have no doubt you are correct. I'm going back a few years and you'd overhear the ones on a construction site talking about not filing for fear of getting deported
  4. Here is something to ponder on. Illegals come to this country get fake ID. go to work Pay taxes and in to social security. for a few years. ID's come back fake from IRS Company has to let them go. They get another Fake ID go to work some where else Same thing happens again. You see the pattern. They can't get tax refunds each year or ever collect Social Security Do you think the government wants to get rid of them Also if they claim to many deductions It's a red flag for IRS So taxes are paid
  5. Don't leave extra 2 cylinders at home next time. You could of stood on throttle and wheeled through.
  6. I thought I'd up date on this car This is the finished car It was completed a couple of years ago Now has a few bumps and bruises that go with using it
  7. That would be a good project. I can tell you retirement is not the answer I still don't have enough time to do all my projects
  8. Looks Good When are you going to build one of your own ?
  9. mctoo

    Wall Sag

    I've fixed a few I have jacked the trailers up and supported the trailer on the walls Used 4X4s along bottom of walls with jack stands at each end and bottle jacks in middle for extra support Reinforced existing out riggers and added as needed Then cross bracing between frame rails at out rigger location Picture your building a truss under the bottom of trailer With trailer supported take a straight edge across the floor inside I will raise the floor at the walls 1/8" to 3/16" higher than the center ( Preload Reverse sag ) I'll use a couple of floor jacks on the frame to get the dimension Just supporting the walls with out frame supported yet the most I've gotten is 3/8" reverse sag Draw a picture of your trailer upside down a cut in half view add truss across it The flip it over It will make sense If you have dry rot in the walls that will cause additional wall sag
  10. Thank You for the pictures
  11. Nice, Looks like a lot of welding Have you figured out how many feet of weld on complete project ?
  12. CL Back of box to center line of pin 34 1/2"

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