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  1. Where to get upper control arm...
  2. Here's a few with the new rzr's....

    Broken S4

    i dont know thats what im trying to find out

    Broken S4

    i am not going to throw any names out there all i have to say is the trans. was gone through in the start of the season for regular preventive maintence and this is what happened last trip out. i decided to go into the trans. myself because of the times. i am a trans. tech for ford also so that helps. any and all input is appreciated thanks

    Broken S4

    the bolts have 12 hash marks going around them with a triangle in the center these are grade 5 bolts right

    Broken S4

    now if i had my trans. gone thru and inspected in the beginning of the season is this something they should have caught?

    Broken S4

    ok so i tore into my s4 to find all of the ring gear bolts sheared off. for you tranny guys is it normal to use grade 5 bolts on the ring gear? is there any particular reason? thanks
  8. i am looking for a banshee frame. does not necessarily need to be new thanks
  9. thanks n2deep ill try and get some actual pics of were it is rubbing fordnyup
  10. ok well its the lock nut and part of the tube that is rubbing, N2deep the car was bought turnkey, now i was told to back the collar off of the coil till there is barely any pressure on the coils, and stiffen up the bypass till the ride gets bad, then back them down, but i dont see how this will solve my problem thanks fordnyup
  11. they are bypasses the tubes are on the other side, the res. cannot be located, the lower rate nut on the compression tube is rubbing the lower a-arm
  12. swark there is a limit strap set up on it, however i dont think it would matter because i believe it is rubbing when the suspension compresses not from hanging. thanks

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