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  1. Looking for 1250 fronts and 36 #1 cut
  2. Thanks dbart, congrats Eric on the new toy!🍻🍻
  3. Sorry for the late post, MeterTech (Eric) is the man. Thank you for the seamless transaction. I am more than happy with the car. Thanks again Eric.🍺🍻
  4. I am having a new 28ft universal built. I was thinking of using the wheel nets to secure the car. Are the E tracks not sturdy enough? D rings are the way to go? I was thinking along the lines of versatility and being able to move around my load. I will be loading a rzr and a sand rail into it. Thank you for the info.
  5. I am looking to get info, on the pros and cons, of setting up a box trailer with E-track rails. Thank you
  6. Where to get upper control arm...
  7. Here's a few with the new rzr's....

    Broken S4

    i dont know thats what im trying to find out

    Broken S4

    i am not going to throw any names out there all i have to say is the trans. was gone through in the start of the season for regular preventive maintence and this is what happened last trip out. i decided to go into the trans. myself because of the times. i am a trans. tech for ford also so that helps. any and all input is appreciated thanks

    Broken S4

    the bolts have 12 hash marks going around them with a triangle in the center these are grade 5 bolts right

    Broken S4

    now if i had my trans. gone thru and inspected in the beginning of the season is this something they should have caught?

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