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  1. Thanks for the info! You guys are awesome. -Dave
  2. So I have 934s that have about 8 days of total use (over two years) here at Silver Lake in Michigan. I ripped a CV boot last trip and am cleaning/regreasing them for the first time now. I noticed that the cages have some witness marks in them from the balls. Is this normal, and if not what causes this? I had a shop put these ones in when I bought the car, and so far as I can tell everything was installed correctly. They weren’t clocked inner versus outer exactly, but otherwise appeared fine. Balls/Stars/Bodies look fine, so wear. Figured I’d ask you guys for opinions…. Car is a Desert Dynamics with an NA LS7/S4S and Pro Am stubs in case that matters. Thanks! -Dave
  3. Got some pics? Love to see them on a car…
  4. I currently have a set of 17” OMF bead locked wheels on my car, and am about to step up from 10.80s to 12.50 front tires. I am measuring before I dismount and it looks like my front wheels are like 5” wide, and the STUs recommend a 6.5-7.5 wide wheel. Anyone run these tires on a narrower rim like mine? I’m leaning towards giving it a try… If I’m wanting new wheels, who is still around making 17” wheels for sand cars besides OMF and Douglas? I believe after talking to OMF that my wheels started as Champions before they got the beadlocks on them, so I can’t buy just new fronts…. What rims do you guys like? I liked the Raceline wheels they used to sell, but can’t find them on their site anymore… Thanks, -Dave
  5. I remember there used to be a couple good threads on here about bead sealers…. I used the alumaseal/antifreeze on my last set with some success, but not perfect. Just getting ready to mount new 35.5s and 12.50s and wondering what everyone is using to seal them up? And what mix of antifreeze/alumaseal if using that method. Thanks! -Dave
  6. What was the cost delta between the two? Just curious if sending a set of worn mud terrains I have out for shaving/scoops is any cheaper than the STUs... I’m surprised to hear the weights are similar, they must shave a ton off! thanks, -Dave

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