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  1. I use the same stuff in my LML. I ponied up and did the cp3 conversion with a lift pump. Still add some opti lube in it from time to time. Now I can sleep better.
  2. Wow by the looks of that booster frame I’m surprised the car didn’t sustain more damage. That frame is no joke so to get folded up like that took some extreme pressure.
  3. Loved it! Nice find, hard to argue the facts. Thanks for sharing. These Doctors made a lot of great points.
  4. Fk rod ends. JMX10tyx those are the studded rod ends that go into the spindles and held in place by a set screw. Kartek can order them for you. Those have the Teflon insert and are heat treated. They’re the ones I use on my car. “T” is for Teflon “y”is for right hand thread “x” is for heat treated.
  5. Saw this the other day and this topic reminded me of it.
  6. Nicely done man!!! What kind of fire pit is that, solo stove ??
  7. Like virtual reality even made my stomach drop as they hit those razor back. Crazy big dunes!!
  8. Great job Dad, that’s how you do it!!!! Those boys are fortunate to have a good dad like you. Reminds me of the good times I had with my sons going camping and dunning. We still are at it just older now. X2 on the restraints cheap insurance
  9. I think I recall @LRS mention Burbank radiator service. Give them a call if you’re it too far from them.
  10. Could it be your shock springs rubbing on the shock bodies? Maybe they’re not sitting right or the preload collar is to loose? Maybe have someone jump up and down to cycle the suspension and put your ear near the shocks.
  11. Just washed mine and it’s all good. I was in wash 10 went to Boardmanville right after the rains and the truck got hammered. You had me nervous. I’m thinking it’s the paint as well. Mine is a 2012. Sorry about your truck man.
  12. Don’t know much about these talons but did the demo ride today and the suspension felt pretty good to me just wasn’t impressed at all with the power they put out. Believe we tested the the 1000 x 4 seater. Wanted to try the 2 seater 1000 r but it had been reserved. Like the fact that it has paddle shifters. And the hill assist function would probably do great in the desert just not needed in the sand.
  13. You could BUT I didn’t. When I did mine I cleaned the seams edges with a damp rag soaked with some odorless mineral spirits. Wiped that off with a clean wet rag. Then the tape and then covered that with the Liquid Roof. Don’t forget to do the front and end caps where the rubber roof meets the fiberglass. Just like Spize909 said. Either way should work fine tho!! By the way don’t really need to recaulk if using the tape.
  14. I’ve also done the Liquid roof when my roof turned black on my old rv and used the Eternabond tape for all the seams and edges. Used the eternabond tape again on my new rv about 3 years ago and no problems yet. Better than having to caulk every couple years.

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