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  1. Read the entire thread, and found myself nodding and saying WTF to myself more than once, LOL. Sand Mountain,, Nevada has been our, "home dunes" for...crap 35 years. We built our first sand toys to run in an old hydraulic diggins area near here, then discovered "the Mountain, and all was lost. I remember being just as pissed at the release of Quads as some guys seem to be as the proliferation of the SXS today. We felt and said may of the same things being said here....too much easy money, too many idiots. And...it is a universal truth that BLM is completely worthless. They are so focused on the stuff that don''t matter that they can't deal with the stuff that does. Worthless. Ghost camping is even here now. They can't seem to find their ass with both hands and a mirror when it comes to this problem. It isn't that hard...(And this is coming from a guy who wore a badge and gun for 26 years) We spent a small fortune building what were, for the time, some of the fastest hillshooters around. Drug them clear to Glamis a couple of times, wound up coming back to camp once to find Larry Minor had camped next to us. Hearing our uncorked V-8's idle into camp he stuck his head out of the NHRA hauler he was using and said to his friends, """looks like we parked in the right place". We had a great weekend with him, he signed Tee shirts for my sons and had his drivers do the same and sent them to us in the mail. A great great guy. But...times change everywhere, folks. Everywhere. The big Weekend at Sand Mountain has always been Halloween. I won't even go anymore. We were there for the weekend before and it is crazy the people rolling in. Which brings me to my point. It ain't the machines, boys. It never has been . It is the people. Yes easy money has made it easier for people to get toys they ain't ready for, but idiots will be idiots, at home, on your freeways, and yes...in your sandbox. People. It is a reflection of what we as a society have come to tolerate. I am sure none of us here tolerate any ahole behavior from our group, and we demand our kids respect the land we ride on and each other, and pick up after ourselves. It doesn't take a lot of looking around to see that not everyone is following that lead. I think the best thing we can do when our teenage kids ask to bring a friend along...perhaps a friend who has no Dad or has no one to teach them about the outdoors is to make damn sure we do what we can to get the fundamentals drilled into their heads on that first trip...because odds are when we take that kid along we are creating another future duner. I am blessed to see my now grown sons teaching my grandchildren now. This is where the core is...this is how we keep the flow going....our children and grandchildren, and those we can have some influence on....taking it down the trail with them.
  2. FBT

    Honda Talon

    I am looking forward to this. More competition is indeed good. Wife got her new kitchen and is doing new floors, we are on a "plan" to sell and leave California (rural NorCal) in 5 years and this put a new SXS out about 2 model years for me. I really hope the Honda turbo Talon is a player. Everything I have ever owned that was stamped Honda has been dead nut reliable and worked as advertised. At my age (60) the next one will probably be the last as I have a couple of long dormant hot rod projects that need to get in line before I check out.
  3. Just my opinion, but were I in the market for a new ride (won't be for another 18 months or so) this would not set well with me. Rubs me the wrong way. I understand what he is trying to do with the thing, but it just doesn't feel right. Next ride is going to be a turbo, so that would rule out the XX right now...but if I was shopping it wouldn't be on my list with this deal in place. I wonder how many other people will feel the same way?
  4. FBT

    2018 RZR Turbo S

    Agreed, Dunerat, and to think it wasn't that long ago we we had a choice of a Rhino. Period. I've been playing the off road game for about 40 years, first rail I built had a Pinto 2300 in it. Long time ago. I think the next year or two will see some serious game changing advancements, and look forward to seeing the manufacturers go to battle for my $$$
  5. FBT

    2018 RZR Turbo S

    I hear ya Dev. I bought the 2014 and with the $ I have poured into it it will serve us for another couple of years. Our riding style has changed a bit, we are doing a lot of exploration of the back country these days, sometimes our group finds ourselves over 100 miles from pavement...so I can wait. It is not like life will end if I don''t get a new one, we will still be out there doing our thing. And the current new one just doesn't twist me enough to make me think I gotta have it. Improved? Yes. Game changing. No. Mrs. FBT has waited a long time to do the kitchen, and it is part of the big plan to get ready to sell when she retires. I have other projects in the shop, two hot rods and a boat, I can fiddle along with them for now. And as you said...who knows what the future will bring in two model years...
  6. FBT

    2018 RZR Turbo S

    I guess I expected too much from what amounts to a 3rd run at refining the 2014. I got to try an S on for size and take a little ride in it a couple weeks ago. I can't count the number of surveys I filled out for Polaris on the Owners council deal and elsewhere. Legroom, fix the bucking suspension, and put some seats in the dang thing. They are pushing the power, they have done a lot...but it is time for a new design, I hope they know it. My issues with it. The legroom hasn't changed. My left knee still gets bruised from that wonderful pointy thing in the door jamb. Was no one over 5-10 on the initial interior team? The seats still remind me of the funky bar stools my parents had in the house I grew up in in the 60's and 70's. My Pound Sand tuned Walkers make me happy for now. The electronic suspension is a move in the right direction I am sure, but when, O when, will one of these companies put out a machine that actually does NOT need a customer supplied infusion of cash to "fix" the suspension? I hope everyone who buys one has a blast with it and that it turns out to be a problem free machine, but me...I am gonna wait. A new car from a clean sheet of paper, and turbo the 1000...and I will look again. Wife is getting a new kitchen, then I am getting a new something...so 2 years. We shall see what 2 years brings us.
  7. FBT

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    I want to thank you guys who suggested I look into the Aftershocks, I bought a set and splurged on a new set of Method 401's to mount them on. Went with 14x7 due to some of the places we go... Got the car out this past weekend and am very happy with the package. At 8 PSI the tires are really stable at speed and hook up on any surface we tried and we put down 180 miles up in northern Nevada, high desert flat ground and some very steep and deteriorated trails high elevation mountain trails...excellent bite and stability. When we got into the dunes I aired them down to 6.5 PSI and they took me anywhere the Bighorns would have. I am a happy camper, and don't see myself going back to the Bighorns anytime soon. More wheel time and less time plugging tires is always good. Thanks again..
  8. FBT

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    Wheels and tires on the way. We are heading out to try them out in a couple of weeks...thanks for the input guys.
  9. FBT

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    So I am going to go with the Aftershocks in 30x10-14. I understand the pros and cons of the various wheel offset options available. Right now I have my Bighorns on 4+4 front and 5+5 rear GMZ Venomous wheels that I had my paddles on...which are now on Beadlocks. I really like the stability of this set up but understand the load it puts on parts. I am going to buy new wheels and put the Aftershocks on them. I am looking at Method 401 Titanium's, and am leaning towards 14x8 on all four corners, 4+4. Is there any reason to not put them on 8 inch rims and go with the 7's in 4+3? Thanks in advance for your input. We don't ride in places where sticking to the narrower track is going to be an issue.
  10. FBT

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    Thanks guys much appreciated...looking in to them.
  11. FBT

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    Ok thanks for the heads up. Any other ideas? the Rock A Billys have a pretty wide spaced tread pattern, anyone with any input on those or any other ideas would be appreciated.
  12. FBT


    LMAO. I bought my Eclipse from Toy Hauler Liquidators Rocklin, Ca. store. I have all the pics and emails stored away LOL. The guy that fixed it is my go to guy for stuff I cant handle now, and I pull it over Donner Pass to get it to him. I am sorta anal about my stuff to and always tried to buy my previous rigs from people in whom I sensed the same perspective on life.
  13. FBT

    Good Non Paddle For Sand And Desert

    Anyone care to add updated info to this thread? I am in the same boat now, LOL. Want bighorn performance in the dunes but a better tire for everything else. We ride Sand Mountain Nevada a lot and then take off out across the desert. Don't mind putting the sand tires on if we are staying in the sand but need a better performing tire out in the desert and up in the mountains. Leaning towards the Tensors but looking at Rock A Billy's and a couple others...
  14. FBT


    The whole deal with new RV's has soured me to no end. We've owned a lot of rigs in the last 40 years and I know that a good screwdriver, RTV, and a ton of screws are required in any RV toolbox, but you are right the QC on new stuff is abominable. We bought our first new RV a 2014 Eclipse Attitude 32AK 5th wheel and it was a mess. Never again an Eclipse product of any kind, never from that dealer here in Nor Cal (if they still exist), and never an extended warranty (I knew better) again. Glad yours is fixed hope all the bugs are out. I always hear good things about Cactus, and next time we may make the 650 mile drive to give them a chance There is no industry I have ever encountered as completely fubar as the RV industry, with the possible exception of government.
  15. Motorhomes are nice when the kids are little and gotta go to the potty a lot but they have some downsides too. Your trips are structured around when the kids are out of school, so the coach sits. Sitting is bad. Motorhomes have another engine and all the stuff that goes with it to maintain. We had a 30 ft. class A when the kids were little. It just did not get used enough, and I worked my tail off on it to have it road ready when we did go. For the retired couple or a couple who can swing the $, none of the above matters. For a guy like you, the toyhauler makes better sense, IMHO.

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