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  1. i do have 2" hollows on my front.. built that up a long time ago .. bigger is better..haaa
  2. Rear: im running sand blaster 33 on 15" front: i have stu razor backs.. 8.5.. i heard sand tires Un is out of business??? so SB33.. 2 cut.. or go to the 16.50 eleminators?.. also thinking or going taller with my front wheels.. . so any help and info will be nice.. thanks..
  3. Here you go if you have a LT80 and dont want to buy a $25.00 or more relay 30 / to starter to Red/white stripe 86 / trigger to White / black stripe 85 / ground to Orange 30 / battery or+ in / Red wire 87a / ( NOT USED) middle wire cut it off
  4. LOL.. yes.. over new year the sand was super wet.. super hard.. and even running 22psi in my rears and i still broke 2 times and had to rebuild my calipers...lol... but yes... we drive our cars like we stole them.. never easy on parts.. and out of my group i am the only one that actually does do a race kind of maintance on my car..lol.... but yes.. the $$$$ is going heavy... my car is totally apart.. all a arms and traling arms, tie rods, rims, hubs, and anything that is raw metal from years of build up is getting powder coated.. and.. all new heims.. all new hubs.. new brakes.. new radiator... damn.. its almost a new car..:).. she will look amazing when done... hope it will be on the sand for superbowl weekend...
  5. ok.. so it looks like 33 spline is the way to go... now the question... 300m stubs are about 270.00 ea... chromolly is 150.00... how much stronger is 300m vs chrom???
  6. what is the best micro stub and housing combo for micro?... i notices tonight that one of mine is 24 dia 1.32 the other is 27 dia 1.25 the thicker the better.. the 27 micro stub is twisted... any help or info on what is stronger will help.. thanks.
  7. Hey guys... its OCT 21st... i will be gone for a week on vacation... I know i got 3 in the mail today.. any more that come in might take a bit longer...sorry... ill be back on the 30th..
  8. I would love to get a set, but of course I waited too long and am leaving for G Thursday. Bob doesn't sell them onsite at all, does he? -TJ Sorry i don't have anyone there selling them... just something that i do on here..
  9. making the pass fix like i have the last 3 years... they are available again... see my other post under Hillgraphics..
  10. Same as last year.. just not cut custom.. you can.. mail me an envelope and i will send you one.. Bob
  11. hey GD.comers.... i want to make the fix it but i need to buy mine to get the size... anyone know where to get one in orange county?
  12. sticker are on their way... glad i can help..
  13. stay black.. its a crawler right?... the wheels just get hammered anyways... but fyi.. gold on red.. NO.. that not attractive.. unless your mexican..

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