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  1. 17,400 miles. Excellent condition in out and under the hood. $52k Tom 818-269-9639
  2. GRANT.....will you still honor? Cash in hand!!
  3. I regret selling it!!
  4. Anyone bought ADA-USD CARDANO? It's been on the rise. At $1.71 this morning
  5. Picked up Doge and Safemoon a few days ago. Well see what happens. About 5 months ago I bought RIOT (blockchain mining). Bought 1000 shares at $3.21. It reached a high of about $68 but is down to about $40 now. I cashed out $20k about a month ago and am letting the rest ride out. I bought 1000 shares of EBON(crypto mining) at $5.10 and it's down to about $3.50 now. I'm still not on board with all this Crypto crap. It's tough to read. But you can't make $$ if you don't try
  6. My old CJ and LJ. Have an JL now
  7. I'm thinking using nukes for home defense might be a little sloppy. Might have a chance of roasting some of the neighbors in the event a maniac hell bent on injuring your family breaks into your home in the middle of the night to steal grandma's pearls
  8. Because there is a problem right now with private citizens owning nuclear missiles in this country.... Baseball bats, knives, bow/arrows, rocks, automobiles, rope, rivers, oceans, razor blades, hammers, wrenches and plenty other household items in the hands of killers have killed far more people than every "tactical nuke" or hand grenade ever used. Crap, Jeffrey Dahmer cut people up to eat for dinner. Guns aren't the problem. Human beings are.
  9. Yes, 6.5 Creedmore
  10. So Does McDonald's. Yet the drive through opens at 5am.
  11. Awfully quiet in here... Such a shame to lose all those years of content!!

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