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  1. What? I got a rise out of Slappy! High praise indeed! Ok it’s on!
  2. Notice the rigs dancing around the edges
  3. Pre-gen one Funco! Sorry I couldn’t resist!
  4. Warning - Sand Porno Ahead I know this is beauty of Glamis but not sure where else this would go, these are dunes all over the world and I think I have one or two from Mars. Back in the day I would collect any and all pictures of dunes I could find. I kept them mostly on a jump drive which I thought was lost forever, until it was recently found. These were copied from many different web sites, hopefully nobody gets their pants in a bunch. Some of these are classics from this site that were lost in the crash. Some directly from National Geographic. I started flipping through some of the pictures and I was blown away so I thought you guys and girls that are Jonesing for some sand will appreciate the good corduroy. I don’t know what it does for me but I love it. Let me know if you want to see more, I have a bunch. Please feel free to add your own dune only picts.
  5. I always look at it from a resale perspective. The belly lift is really important for resale due to the UTV thing. The wheels hanging down helps quite a bit. I think any belly lift could have the fold out option added, which I think would work for you. The belly part is probably 18” wide - two panels hinged on each side fold out and rests on the lift frame. They came out with this option after mine was built, I will probably add it at some point.
  6. I have had a few stackers over the years. Been through some wicked winds but actually seemed more stable for some reason than my 30’ long trailer. Maybe more weight. But I don’t know why you would want one unless you planned on adding vehicles. In any case the belly lift is the way to go. Ultra-sandtec has an optional belly lift that converts to a standard lift (folds out). Those side by sides are over 6’ tall and the 18” you pick up with a belly lift will save you from having to do really painful things to get things to fit. The reason the ones don’t have fuel stations, that’s probably why they aren’t gone yet. Most of them stay on the market for about 30 seconds. Nothing holds its value like a properly outfitted stacker. They are so in demand now you can sell them for what you paid for them. Those rigs like mine have 100 gal fuel, 50 gal water, generator, big screen TVs, solar, disco ball etc. (I didn’t get the disco ball option).

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