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  1. I ended up buying this one from another duner last yr was gonna redo my exhaust to an 8-1 needed some room so I was gonna move it up top. He gave me a good.deal on it. You also helped me figure out my alt issue with going to a bigger pully mid season thanks for that again as well.
  2. No problem just send me a im when u think your coming back
  3. Ok figured there was a reason lol I bought this relocator bracket that goes where the tensioner pully would be and is all combined i believe he got it from cbm. Not sure this will work or not ill try and get picks if it tomorrow and show u what I'm talking about . Also do you think sand and dust is more likely to cause an issue with the alternator up high?
  4. is there a reason I don't see many people running alternators up top and always lower right corner.. just asking cause I purchased a relocate bracket to move it up top on my ls1 at the time cause I wanted to redo my exhaust and didn't want the alternator to close to the pipe. Any thoughts or reasoning thanks.
  5. Hell yeah that would be awesome im gonna give it look over when I go pick it all up and if I don't feel its something I can do I will keep that in mind for sure. No tapping on the gas 😳😁thats winning already hahah
  6. What is the Howell harness that turn key sells ? Is that something already set up with alternator and 2 fans and everything missing from the holley??
  7. This was eff*ing outstanding 👏👏hahahh I appreciate all the input I just bought a ls3 and the terminator x system for it but wasn't told about any of this smh I'm gonna have to go talk to my builder about this cause I'm not trying to figure this all out now. Smh
  8. Pm those pics please thanks man
  9. hey guys I was looking for the desert dynamics thread I seen on Here of people swapping to a fuel cell in the DD can any one send me the link please? Also any Recommendations on a fuel cell I see a lot of people are using the jazz I've also seen aluminum tanks as well looking for about 22 -26 gal. Thanks. Maybe some dos and don't for anyone whos done this.
  10. Thanks man doing it up lol
  11. Thanks got a buddy interested
  12. Thanks for chiming in man im still trying to decide what to do i figure my car is probably 2500 and that just ballpark ill be running the ls3 525 i won't be adding any power adders like sc tt im thinking i might try these stars out and the 30 spline and see what happens.. so I can use my 930 cvs right just need replace stars. ? I just replaced all 4 last season I got maybe 5 trips on em lol.. Nd a spare is always good to have thanks 👍
  13. Hahah gotch ya yeah I hate when I do shit like that too. Well I tninkim gonna try it out this next season and see what happens thanks man.
  14. I'll try and get ahold of em and get back thanks guys

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