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  1. do you think 2 batteries would handle a stereo system ? been thinking about adding another one.
  2. Go going to the ssss this weekend? Interested in the loaders
  3. Ok I'm looking for a set that does I have 2 that do amd 2 that dont lol tired of removing the damn caps lol
  4. Does the pro am caps fit through the wheel on these or u have to remove?
  5. Is anyone gonna be at the ssss with one of these ?? I'd like to check em out
  6. I love my 06 dd I've had this car for a few years now put a ls1 with a s4 and it's a beast out there in those dunes wider the better not the fastest car out there but he can hang and some... great choice if u ask me loading is a pain changing tires but you got nothing but time out there go for it
  7. sounds like California is gonna be losing a lot of cargo shipping due to this and trucks not wanting to come into california or is this gonna be all states?
  8. Where can one get this dodge dart glass ? Just bought a window and frame from another dd owner but the glass is shattered...
  9. Should of been able to drop it to 2nd and throttle out of it ?? I've never had a problem with 2nd and some balls hahahha
  10. Where dis u get the gage and all that for the PBS? I got one as well that's prob a good investment lol
  11. I installed a new one seemed to fix it for now but yeah send me the numbers if you could and where did u get the t at? The one I have doesnt fit right so mines mounted sideways cause the sending hits the intake
  12. I just installed one last night I'll find out today if it's good to go

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