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  1. kingkong

    need to do new exhaust

    Gonna leave it duals. And thats the plan header muffler pipe
  2. kingkong

    need to do new exhaust

    Anyone running the flow master outlaw shorty mufflers im going to be redoing my set up and was curious what sounds good? I have the doug thorley headers now but im trying to put some panels on the rear cage and would like to do custom exhaust and not just straight pipe it off the header. post your pics thanks or sound tests
  3. kingkong

    CV outer housing groove

    http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_tech_cv101.htm here you go
  4. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    was an easy fix for sure and way better set up 👍
  5. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    And it makes more sense too lol
  6. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    thanks for the help all fixed up counter sinked 👍
  7. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    I'm just gonna counter sink it I talked to mike already I know this car has no cheap ass shit on it that's for sure.
  8. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    That's a damn good idea as well
  9. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    I'm gonna order one Monday seen that thanks
  10. kingkong

    LS dual filters

    Sausage450 made mine good work too
  11. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    Yeah thinking about it only reason it stripped out cause the bolts that were in it were holding on with 2 threads lol lasted 5 years like that lol bought it like that not my build
  12. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    Yeah found the in tire box for 5 lol but not the spreader alone that's bull crap lol
  13. kingkong

    Steering rack nonsense

    So the tierod bolt decided it wanta to come out on me last trip and it stripped it out.. does anyone know if I can buy just the front piece of this box??? Its a desertdynamics
  14. kingkong

    Losing volts to injectors???

    Update problem solved guys were back in business I changed 2 things. Correct size pully on alternator 3.5 inch... and added a wire from power trans relay #30 to starter.. issues gone
  15. kingkong

    Bigger pully for alternator ls1

    Yes sir

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