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  1. Still interested in the headers pm me please
  2. Price on 14.50 x15 #2 16.50 x15 eliminators #2
  3. Not the greatest pics but leaking from both sides in those spots.
  4. I've never used a tube before I prob could just looking to get by for veterans weekend supose to be leaving wed night. Someone else suggested stay flo but not sure that's gonna seal it up
  5. I appreciate it I'm running 15s though
  6. Woke up Sunday at glamis and tire was flat Need a used paddle mines leaking on the side wall nipples from the date stamp area. These are notorious apparently trying to make it to vets weekend
  7. Pics? How much for 2 ?
  8. No sorry probably should of mentioned that lol.
  9. Anyone running anything else in their howe pump besides gm ac delco or swepco.? I know that's what recommended but got damn 12 a qt smh lol
  10. do you think 2 batteries would handle a stereo system ? been thinking about adding another one.
  11. Go going to the ssss this weekend? Interested in the loaders

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