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  1. kingkong

    Replacing CVS question??

    Good deal thanks for the info I'll post some up tomorrow when I take em off the buggy
  2. kingkong

    Replacing CVS question??

    Is it ok to just replace star cage and balls or should I replace in tire CVS I've had the car for 4 years and now seeing wear on just the star and cages...
  3. kingkong

    andersen and ram 3500

    damnnnn shame on them that's some bull shit...... so I take it that was with a non slider then ?..
  4. kingkong

    andersen and ram 3500

    anyone.runnimg.this hitch om a ram 3500 srw short bed? is there enough clearance not.to hit the cab ?
  5. Im looking at purchasing one of these Anderson hitches and want to see who is using one and what they think about them? I have a 2017 ram 3500 short bed srw and i use my bed for other stuff sometimes and dont want the hassle of pulling a 5th wheel slide hitch out every time i need to use my bed i might have to build a crane in my bed to do so lol. Soooo any feed back would be great and does anyone have any cab issues busting a 90 turn?
  6. kingkong

    2017 ram 3500 stock 20s and tires

    ok ill let you know if hear anyone going that way
  7. kingkong

    2017 ram 3500 stock 20s and tires

    haha not anytime soon but what part
  8. these have 15k on them I lifted the truck and went bigger so these are taking up space and n garage. 600.00 for all 4 come get em. and yes they have the sensors in them. located in ramona ca. text only during day 8582545653.
  9. kingkong

    hella 500 set

    these are in excellent condition with covers make me.an offer. hella 500s located in Ramona ca will ship on your dime
  10. kingkong

    APR Carbon fiber wing

    yyou must have one hell of a job.. nice set up
  11. kingkong

    WTB sandcar

    i might put my DD car ls1 PBS s4 up for sale if your interested pm me
  12. kingkong

    Car gets hot @ idle... what can it be? UPDATED

    I dont know if this helps but on my car my over flow tank for the radiator has a valve on it and i did not know this at the time but some one some how hit that valve closed and my buggy was overheating like this at idol and i finally traced it back to the valve so if you have a over flow tanks check and see if the valve is closed... just a suggestion
  13. kingkong

    15 YR Boy Hucks LS7 Sand Truck

    its all in the teacher and if he kills someone its on his daddy and mommy let em riiideeee.....
  14. If it was me and you like your buggy turbo the honda. If you want ls power is sell your car and buy something already done. I had a 2d behind a ls1 and i had to fix the trans both seasons so if you wanta drive the car id go nothing less then an S4 trans on v8 power. I know your gonna hear stories about peole doing fine with 2d behind ls and all that but in the long run wouldnt waste my time with a 2d. I swapped to a pbs s4 last season and its night and day. Good luck which ever decision you make but if it was me id turbo your car now or sell and go to a v8 S4 combo..

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