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  1. RosenberryC

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Awesome! Please do post up. I'm running the Fortin and am curious as to what I have....
  2. RosenberryC

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Got any other pics of the internals you can post up Lincster?
  3. RosenberryC

    LS Valve Covers

    $75.00 any interest?
  4. RosenberryC

    091 Ring & Pinion & ???

  5. RosenberryC

    4- Dirt Tires and Wheels

    Everything officially sold this week. Thanks GD
  6. RosenberryC

    091 Ring & Pinion & ???

    mxbullet- I might have this sold already. If the deal falls through I'll let you know. Sorry I didn't see this message. I have only been responding to the PM's as those notify me via email.....
  7. RosenberryC

    4- Dirt Tires and Wheels

  8. RosenberryC

    4- Dirt Tires and Wheels

    OK current status is that 4- blue combos are sold. The 1ea Black Method with the BFG is still available. Buyer has not come through. PLEASE PM me if interested.
  9. RosenberryC

    LS Valve Covers

    If interested in these shoot me a PM.
  10. RosenberryC

    FOX Rod Ends

    Still available. Make me an offer if you have any interest. PM please.
  11. RosenberryC

    Momo Steering Wheel

    Forgot to update. Officially Sold.
  12. RosenberryC

    FOX 2.5" Top Caps

    Any interest? Make me an offer. PM please......
  13. RosenberryC

    Momo Steering Wheel

    99% sold. I just need to send it...……..
  14. RosenberryC

    091 Ring & Pinion & ???

    Ok, I had my 091 rebuilt by Dave Foltz after I found a chunk of metal on the plug. Dave pulled the whole thing apart and found nothing wrong. He even magged everything. Well the long story short is he said if he was in there I might consider replacing my ring and pinion, why? Not because there was anything wrong with this one but that it was stock and he'd recommend a Weddle for my application and everything else in the trans was already Weddle. He told me keep this as a spare. I sold the car and gave the new owner every single spare and extra part I had but missed and forgot this as it was buried. 6 months later I am in the garage and come across it. It's for sale. Everything in the picture (because I can't recall what the other piece is but he told me to hang on to that too) is $150.00 plus shipping on your dime. Please DM me. I am not on here as much as i would like to. But I get the email notifications....
  15. RosenberryC

    FOX Rod Ends

    7/8" Shaft and theses are 2.950" to center of eye. There are 4 total of these even though the picture only shows 2. $60.00 for all four or $40.00 per pair plus shipping on your dime. I am in San Jose CA so shipping is assumed, but local pick up is fine with me. PLEASE PM so I get the notification. I am not on here as much as i would like to be....... Thanks, Chris

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