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  1. Sold and shipped
  2. RosenberryC


    1-pair of PCI headsets. 1ea over the head 1ea behind the head $150 plus shipping
  3. Call tomorrow and ask for Doug himself or Jerry. They are great to deal with and will walk you through the whole thing.
  4. GPS and Intercom/Radio: Just found my go to for real answers!!!! Thanks for the solid professional and experienced input RallyAlleigh!
  5. Just updating because I just got asked if they were available. They have SOLD.
  6. Awesome! Please do post up. I'm running the Fortin and am curious as to what I have....
  7. Got any other pics of the internals you can post up Lincster?
  8. Everything officially sold this week. Thanks GD
  9. mxbullet- I might have this sold already. If the deal falls through I'll let you know. Sorry I didn't see this message. I have only been responding to the PM's as those notify me via email.....
  10. OK current status is that 4- blue combos are sold. The 1ea Black Method with the BFG is still available. Buyer has not come through. PLEASE PM me if interested.
  11. If interested in these shoot me a PM.
  12. Still available. Make me an offer if you have any interest. PM please.

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