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  1. Bump :D maybe this belongs in sandrail stuff or bench racing? I don't know much about templating for mediawiki yet, but I'll see if I can't make something that matches the board theme.
  2. In the pic of her and her two daughters, what's up with the nose jobs? They look like elf noses. Scary.
  3. Ok, since some media players wouldn't work with the .wav file, I turned it into a video with pictures that seemed to fit what was being said: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2rcbrpt&s=3
  4. Tostitos


    Lightning links are also 'tardedly expensive for what they are, if you go the NFA route.
  5. Tostitos


    Posed picture. I didn't have any cigars for the trifecta, unfortunately.
  6. Tostitos


    My secondary "office"
  7. Yeah, I'm going phone instead of tablet / ultracompact-pc. Diablo III was just announced, and the next computer I buy better be able to run it. So far, it's down to the Nokia E70 (thanks, Maddox), BB 8820, Motorola MC35 (even though I don't need to scan barcodes), and AT&T Tilt.
  8. Maybe a custom BBCode tag that links to the wiki's page for a word?
  9. MediaWiki installations are easy enough to move around. 'Course, for there to be real interest, it'll probably need to be on it's own domain or under a domain that people know and associate with what it would be. Subdomains are clunky and mentally jarring. I don't see a huge gaping void in the area of 'sand sports and rails information' but on the other hand, there isn't much in the way of central repository aside from this specific forum, which is an entirely different structuring of material. This is a way that random people could glean and add without increasing the workload of moderators/admins building up an archive of "best of" informational threads. Of course I could also be completely and totally wrong about what The Pastor was going for, and in that case, I'll be in the pummel me with wiffle bats dome.
  10. If you guys liked this, you might like the "you suck at photoshop" series as well. Also PG-13.
  11. I'm attracted to the Blackberry 8800s, but palms feel better in my hand, but the Palm Trio has a junk reputation. I want it all, GPS, mapping, third party apps, and most likely CDMA for the better data speed. Thing is, if you research one brand enough, you'll end up wanting it whether it really suits you or not. I've spent too much time looking at Blackberry options. I'd also hate to get a 8800 and then have the new series come out not long after. It's summer now and I'd like to be able to spend the day fishing and still be able to keep everything copacetic. My planned rate of expansion isn't compatible with non-mobile access to clients. So, here's to tossing this post out and seeing what info I get. Edit: I can probably get wholesale price on phones via a friend who manages an electronics store. I'm also considering Tablet PC + sprint AIRcard. Smaller than a laptop, constant wireless, much more easy to do work or flip through a ton of design options and examples on the spur of a moment when someone wants to see.
  12. corr pro buggy The styling on the front screams Rat Rod. I can honestly say that's the first LT car I've ever seen that looked "right" in the nose.

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