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  1. We were at the Ranger station trying to get a campfire permit! LOL. Really, we were literally coming up Gecko when you posted this. We're on Pad 5. Were you part of the group that left for graduation parties? If so, we'll see you in the morning.
  2. Should make it to GD Storage by 5-6 Friday evening. We've been long overdue for a Summer run. See everyone soon! photo cred: Shawn (DuneFreq)
  3. We'll be back for our first Summer run since 2016. Arriving around 7pm Friday. Hope see see lots of peeps out there! (The Funco hasnt left G since March though)
  4. On its way to #roadrunnerestates for the whole season. This guy too:
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Pad 3 and 5 every full moon may to september This ^^^ for sure. Best dunes of the year and cool peeps. Maybe only 1-2 this Summer though since we're planning an Idaho Dunes trip. Several Mead/Mohave/Havasu trips in between dune runs.
  7. You're further South past us on Pads 3/5 and before Squatcher's camp. I saw "Skittles" there and the fresh Texas build. The whole George family are great peeps, so you're in good company.
  8. Sounds good. I will try to link up for some of your rides. Unless you have space for another trailer. Roll down to pad 3/5. I really have no clue if there will be room but I am sure there is space within waterballon range. lol. there should be plenty of buggies around. If there isn't enough room on 5 I will move over to 3 or 4 whatever there is. I can't see having a problem camping on any pad if you get there on wed. you should have the place to yourself. Spize see you in the summer. BTW I can't see your red camp locator from Brawley this time based on your present campsite. The dunes are in the way. Also, I was told you texted me, but I don't even think you have my number HaHa. Swing by Pad 3 again tomorrow.
  9. Already landed overseas (on IG)
  10. It was light rain on the West, but 3 hrs worth.
  11. Video can be so much more enjoyable and less likely to miss something cool, BUT I know a whole lot of time can be spent after the fact on editing...
  12. Congrats and welcome to the Funco family. They are a class act and you won't be disappointed. I was treated the same way on a lunchtime visit and my wife too once the weekend came. I merely went to ask about a potential Gen4 purchase and conversion, but ended up buying a Gen5 in the shop. Needless to say, I've been put on restriction from visiting Funco on my lunch now...
  13. Thanks for the advice thus far. Had seen the plug diagnosis charts which is where the preignition issue was pointed at as a cause. Still not sure when the plugs began to burn away. Will do the compression test with fingers crossed, but good to know anyway with a new us engine. And injector screens, good to know and will look there too. Still hoping for something simple or stupid, as everything was great...'til it wasn't ! ! !
  14. Thanks. Timing seemed like it could be an issue, but I didn't understand how or why it would have changed. After draining the tank/refilling and replacing the fuel filter, the shop sounds like the next stop to check timing then.

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