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  1. HAHA! You got that right @jjoseph99 Gotta rock my custom Pink Whips!!
  2. Your List looks identical to mine!! but also getting: 2nd Pink Whip for my whip... Season Pass Super Strap Camp Locator
  3. UGH makes me sick to my stomach!!!! Sorry hun... putting the word out for ya!
  4. Damn... so many questions at the 2:30pm, I highly doubt he was asleep... So sad for the families either way...
  5. Yeah I just like their Chile Verde (wet) and the best fries!!
  6. NOW you are getting it!!!
  7. Well that means you haven't connected with it yet... Time to sell it to me!!
  8. I usually name my toys after I've driven them for a while... feel how it handles... how it sounds and connect it with what comes to mind... My 1st RZR 800 was named "Bubba"... because of the exhaust that I put on it... that's exactly what it sounded like...
  9. Yeah I go on a Friday and sit at the Bar so I get served pretty darn quick. If I am super busy at work, then I order it to go... But the quality is very good on their food... well... who am I kidding... I've only had that sandwich... and a couple appetizers. Once I find something I love... I pretty much never veer from it at restaurants.
  10. If you are ever in Mission Viejo... try High Park Tavern!! They have a Blacken Chicken Sandwich that is to die for!! It has Jalapeno Bacon!! Need I say more??? I add avocado for S&G's... When I'm in the Hood of LA County... hands down Boca Del Rio in La Puente or Mario's Tacos in Whittier I am fortunate to have The Hat about 10mins from work... but have only gone a couple times. I literally have to prepare to go to that place by starving myself for a few days before... then starving myself after to make up for it!! Mostly I make my own chicken and make salads at work... but Friday's are my cheat day... so I always look forward to Friday's!! If you are ever in Corona (off Teller) or Claremont... Shogun Teppan their lunch prices are AWESOME!! And the food is DELICIOUS!!! These are my favorite 2 locations of the handful they have.
  11. I meant cooking it uncovered...
  12. OMG!! YES!! I had an inferred one... damn I hated that thing... I thought it would be perfect for Glamis... heck no it was a PIA to keep immaculate!
  13. Yeah I gotta say I don't think I would like my meat uncovered... just my opinion. For a chick my bbq skills are pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I still prefer GAS to charcoal and Smoking though... but that's purely because I don't care for either flavor. My ribs on a gas grill fall apart just like everyone else that is smoking or charcoal que'ing... Tritip is on point, tender and juicy... Steaks to perfection! I truly just believe it's all a matter of what flavor you prefer... and how much time you want to dedicate to having a meal ready.
  14. Spent the weekend at the Beach in a gorgeous hotel!! Weather was perfect!!! Sunday had brunch then took the nephews out for pizza... Then went and saw Ozomatli concert at the OC fair! All in all... a GREAT weekend!!!

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