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  1. I'm curious about this trailer... totally side bar convo... but it has me scratching my head... Details Don?
  2. That I can totally agree with you on!!
  3. I was just going to say... BV hasn't made Chili Cheese Fries in almost 8yrs!!
  4. OMG... I feel you Derek!! We'll hook up this season for sure!! Miss your lovely wifey!!
  5. Yeah I only lasted 1 season!!
  6. I'm just ready for the GD Break In Party!! I'm thinking due to your location... GD SSSS Pre-Party!!!
  7. Lil'Moni77

    Camp RZR Weekend


    I'll be in Chicago for a Bears Game!!
  8. I also use Sheena... at St. Clair Insurance... Her dad is "Jeff The Insurance Guy" on here... I have 3 cars, home, RZR and Trailer all under them. Insurance has gotten so ridiculously expensive now... all thanks to all these damn thieves we keep seeing posts about!!! BUY SHIAT like the rest of us!!
  9. HAHA... true but then I also noticed it was a post back from January... none of his stuff stays for sale that long... so obviously he wants the thread deleted...
  10. What was Mike selling? He has all the cleanest toys!!!
  11. Great pics @dbart It is actually a lot of fun!! Get your pass and enjoy!!!
  12. It would be in the back half after the Couches... My guess is you will have 20' to the 1st cabinet... and a full size quad can fit in the kitchen.
  13. @endobear +3 Means that when it was built from Warrior the owner added 3ft past the factory 34ft. Therefore, it is 37ft in total.

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