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  1. Lost my Dad to Cancer on Fathers Day 2017... there isn't a day that goes by that I don't get angry at that evil rat bastard called Cancer!! :effu:
  2. From Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend... 💖
  3. Same with Sand Highway... why are people not staying on the right hand side of the road?? I came up over pretty good little roller and bam there is a sandrail going I'm gonna say AT LEAST 60+mph... scared the bejeezus out of me!! It's one of those who will turn which way moments!! I turned further right where all the water was...
  4. Thursday was the only day with rain... and it wasn't even that bad!! All my friends and family kept saying... "is it worth going out??"... I said HELL YEA!!! My friend called and goes... "Dude there is a truck washing away!! I was like wear the EFF are these pics coming from?? I'm standing outside right now and having a drink by the fire!! Rain mostly came during dinner time... by 5pm we were out by the fire hanging out and having fun!! Friday, Saturday and Sunday... WOW... BEAUTIFUL weather!!! All in all... Tday was WORTH the trip!!
  5. Or maybe if J is gonna be in Glamis anytime soon?
  6. Derek "2dasand" does amazing work!! Try to hit him up with a pm.... @2DASAND
  7. Definitely looking forward to this years beautiful ceremony!!
  8. HAHA! You got that right @jjoseph99 Gotta rock my custom Pink Whips!!
  9. Your List looks identical to mine!! but also getting: 2nd Pink Whip for my whip... Season Pass Super Strap Camp Locator
  10. UGH makes me sick to my stomach!!!! Sorry hun... putting the word out for ya!
  11. Damn... so many questions at the 2:30pm, I highly doubt he was asleep... So sad for the families either way...
  12. Yeah I just like their Chile Verde (wet) and the best fries!!
  13. NOW you are getting it!!!

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