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  1. I had a disconnect switch installed... I felt it was the easiest thing for me... when I'm camped in a new area or just get that uneasy feeling... I'll throw a cable through it too...
  2. I just posted about this a week ago... I didn't post about whiners and miserable people... but rather how EFFEN AWESOME my life is!! From Friends, family, even my employer I am blessed beyond words to be able to live this wonderful life and share it with such great people!! I don't allow anything negative in my life anymore... its crazy how sometimes you get sucked into the misery of others not even realizing it... never again!! I have a pretty nice roof over my head, I get to play in the sand and in the water... I get to provide myself a lifestyle from my own hard work and dedication!! Stop complaining people and make POSITIVE changes to your life FOR Yourself!!
  3. Happy Belated Sweet Heart!! Here's a little something just for you!!
  4. If you want to find mid week duners... go to Gecko... that's where you'll find them... Congrats on the purchase may you enjoy the sand as much as you have loved the water. Lord knows I could never live without BOTH in my life!!
  5. Lil'Moni77

    BBQ Cart

    Been watching this on IG... can't wait to see it in person!! More importantly can't wait to eat 1/2 the damn good cooking that guy throws on the table!!
  6. IE/OC people don't cross through El Centro...
  7. I fill up at Costco in MoVal... and can make it round trip!! For a 6.0 motor and Full-time AWD... I guess I'm pretty lucky!! Now if I'm towing the whole way... then it's Fill before leaving the house before hitching up... Fill at Red Earth on the way in... and stop and top off at Red Earth on the way out... shows I have plenty of gas, but while towing I'm not taking any chances of not being able to find something in a pinch...
  8. Wow... that's a VERY nice redo on the pool... But glad Michael came to say goodbye!! God Speed good buddy!!
  9. I like it... I say Good Job!!
  10. @2DASANDYour sooo anti-social Derek... @cwarkenton Congrats on the new DP!! Very nice!! My brother has had his diplomat for almost 15yrs and still LOVES it!! .
  11. That's where I got my last license... I was pretty impressed with them too!!
  12. The bike guy has a go fund me going on... they are seeking $500K!!
  13. yeah I had a late night ... believe it or not it was only 8am... which is sleeping in for a sunrise...
  14. Thanks!! Yeah it's my own tradition to go watch at least 1 sunrise per trip... We watch every sunset... but sunrises speak to me!! The quiet the serenity... it's just a perfect moment in time... almost like time stands still.
  15. Don't understand why people still take the highway... Dune it people!! Only time I take the highway is if I'm alone heading up to watch the sunrise at 7am... there isn't another soul insight for miles and miles!!
  16. Had the best weather and sand conditions all season!!! Loved my Glamis trip!!
  17. Hey what can I say??
  18. I prefer to be the tail...
  19. In all the years... no... not once... BUT... I'm thinking they are looking for people like I was back in the day making fire tracks to race through...
  20. Yeah I tried this all day yesterday... and then again today... still SPAM link...
  21. Me thinks you shouldn't lend your truck out to "no name"... eh hem... (SD)... I say bill her!!! j/k...
  22. That sucks for a brand new truck... sorry to hear that Bud... Hope it's just a good buff-out needed.

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