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  1. Well a battery cable and here we are. I think it needs a throw out bearing. 20190710_175433.mp4
  2. I'm picking it up for $2500. So if I don't fall in love ,I'm sure I can turn it.
  3. It needs some love, no doubt about it. 99.9% sure it's a beam conversion. If it isn't, who ever designed the front end was high! But for the price I can't pass it up.
  4. Ok folks, I am buying this 4 seat rail trying to find out some history on it( chassis builder mostly). Does anyone recognize it?
  5. Come on guys some one load it so us derlicks can watch it again!
  6. Nope won't let me open anything.
  7. Where can i find the video clip?
  8. We need the movie back up! I need a fix!!!!!!
  9. That is it! Thanks guys, i have spent may hours watching this clip! This video should be in the "Glamis Dunes how-to"!
  10. I am trying to find an old video. It was a midengine v8 rail , I think. Was one of the early 2000. Had a very ethereal name. I watched it over and over. It was running down sand highway. I can't for the life of me find it. it was a very well edited video for the time. Please help.
  11. Tank you are #2 in line per our conversation. Thanks again- Matt
  12. See the for sale thread. Must Go! http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index....p;#entry4606615
  13. Sold! ATC70 Billet triple clamps. I don't come on very often but am cleaning out my stash. I have a set of billet triple clamps and Ricardo inverted forks for sale. I believe I sold a set or two of clamps to POULE43 a few years back. These will work with factory bearings and stem nuts. I paid way more than I am asking to have them machined. $250 or make me an offer just taking up space. Buyer pays shipping. Call or text with any questions. (209)484-0115 Thanks-Matt

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