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  1. just listened to the video. did you hold the throttle and and gently let off or did you stab it and let go? did it take that long to come back down to idle? if so maybe there is an air leak?
  2. what kind of fuel filter do you have? can you temporarily remove the element and see if the problem goes away? make sure there is nothing blocking the fuel line from the tank?
  3. Mr. Alper, I just bought an extreme double throwdown. It has 12.50 front tires, so I assumed it had 2" hollows on it. after a closer look it appears they are just combo's. I guess that what i get for assuming. I dont feel safe driving the car until I get you to upgrade it. Im gonna have to run those alper covers too! they look tough
  4. anyone want them? 20 bucks fair? located in Vegas you pay shipping if nobody wants them in a few weeks they are going in the garbage. trying to get garage clean text me 702-575-3468
  5. thank you. they are a lot of work, but they work great. i have three of them on my car
  6. mine are pretty legit IMG_4140.TRIM_(1).mov
  7. thanks for all the help. hoping to get this thing out before the weekend to test, Ill keep y'all updated.
  8. this actually makes a lot of sense, we just put a different intake on it before the problem started.
  9. awesome we will give this a shot, thank you for the input.
  10. unless my temp gauge is messed up its not a temp problem. it cruises around at 180-190 and maxes out around 210. If im not mistaken the mefi goes into limp mode around 235 degrees
  11. the stupid thing does not have a scan port, but i did look at which wires it takes to check codes and I am going to jump them and do a ghetto one just to see if it is throwing a code.
  12. last time i had a problem you guys answered the question and helped me so much. now my friend is having a problem. he can start the car and run it hard with no issues, then if he putts around for a second or lets it idle and then trys to get back after hit he acts like it is in limp mode and wont reve above 4k RPM. i can shut the car off then turn it back on and start the process over again. ideas?

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