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  1. sandroosten

    402 stroker LS2 NA or turbo

    my Alper Motorsports 427 was stupid fast! My motor is currently at his shop going to a 443! he builds a screaming motor.
  2. sandroosten

    Tatum Black Widow S4S to S4D conversion

    you guys are all crazy! realistically, hopefully my torque number will be around 500 and the HP will will be just shy of 500 to the wheels on 35's
  3. sandroosten

    Tatum Black Widow S4S to S4D conversion

    4200 HP 5000 torque to be exact!
  4. sandroosten

    Tatum Black Widow S4S to S4D conversion

    Alper is building me a 4000 HP naturally aspirated pump gas ls7 440. I'm not sure the real problem is the power, the problem is me. I like to slap the crap out of the clutch and wheelie EVERYWHERE.
  5. quick question, has anyone done this on the 2006-2008 black widow? it is a tight fit from what I can see between the bottom of the cage and the gas tank. has anyone had to modify tank? move engine back? modify cage? or does it just fit in? I know someone has had to of done this? give me the details peeps. I'm thinking i need a little more transmission as my motor is back at Alper Motorsports getting a little more power! also how does the length fit? does the "torsion" bar need to be boxed out?
  6. anyone want this, i needed room for a toolbox so i took it out. 100 bucks. text 702-575-3468
  7. sandroosten

    douglas 15X12 wheels and tires for sale MAKE OFFERS

    make offers just want gone
  8. sandroosten

    Interesting "Pop" out of an LS1

    compression test?
  9. sandroosten

    Buckshot X5 - Mendeola S4 - $37,500

    area code is Kentucky? is that were its located?
  10. i have a few things for sale make offers just want them gone douglas 15X12 wheels with a 2" backspace. they have a set of stu sand tire unlimited 33's on them that are pretty worn. i met have a spare that is in better shape see pictures. wheels have rim stiffeners welded in $500.00 some dune sport 14.50 for 15" wheels might make a nice set of spares or ok tire for the guy on a budget whos tires are completely shot. see pictures $180 text me if interested 702-575-3468 all are located in las vegas
  11. sandroosten

    Sold: Spindle mount wheels

    Send me your number or give me a call please I have a friend in LA right now 702-575-3468
  12. sandroosten

    Sold: Spindle mount wheels

    ever come toward vegas? I dont need the paddles, but i need the rims to fit in my toyhauler. i need at least the 3.5 offset. long story short im interested in rears
  13. sandroosten

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts


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