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  1. sandroosten

    Steering rack nonsense

    i could always make a new one on the CNC
  2. sandroosten

    gear one rear hubs for with stub axles for 930 $250.00

    bumpin it up
  3. sandroosten

    Wtb. WW CL4005 or CR3905

    on race dezert there was a ftl 4005 with a 17' garage for 28k. seemed like a decent deal. those trailers are hard to come by
  4. sandroosten

    Sand toy market soft?

    yup that one is real! from buggy round up at dumont about 4 weeks ago.... crazy bastard.
  5. one of the stub axles came loose and the threads were messed up. call or text BJ for more details 702-218-9690 parts are in vegas. if you have gear one hubs it would be smart to buy these as spares as the company does not make them anymore or is out of business.... cant remember
  6. sandroosten

    2" Hollows

    i snapped a combo spindle off with 8.80's on my first LT car. i was just happy it happened clicking 3rd starting into a dune ride up the first dune, and not doing 100 +across a set of whoops or hauling down a hill. I am sure driving styles have a lot to do with how long they last, but most of us out playing in the sand seem to really like the pedal on the right. if it can be afforded i would suggest the conversion.
  7. so rad! congratulations!
  8. sandroosten

    930 CV fix finially a real fix to a 930CV joint

    is there a reason they would not work with the micro stubs?
  9. sandroosten

    930 to 934 cv adapters

    If you have 930 cv's and have been wanting to go to 934 i have a set of adapters. they are 5.25 wide without grease zerk. let me know if you want them. made out of 1" thick 6061 aluminum. $225.00 702-575-3468 let me know if you want them. they do not work if you have midboards
  10. sandroosten

    mendeola s4s clicking noise

    is this normal and just not something i remember hearing or do i have a problem? car is in neutral. please help. IMG_2769.MOV
  11. sandroosten

    2018 SSSS photos

    one thing i can say is that pictures do not do some of these cars justice. the paint and detail was really nice.
  12. sandroosten

    Tatum Black Widow weak points

  13. sandroosten

    Tatum Black Widow weak points

    I am pulling the car apart to repair a frame issue. the bar that the trailing arms mount to cracked on one side, then it completely broke off on the driver side. I am guessing others have had this problem and I am wondering if there any other areas of the car I should address while I have her apart. She is a 2006 so she has the older style rear shock towers with the three holes so I plan to update that while she is apart. I have noticed some flexing in the bulkhead so I think I might have that beefed up as well. Anything else? The purpose of this thread is not to bash Tatum, it is just to figure out if there are any areas i should have addressed while it is apart. With the way they guys I dune with drive i am sure anything would break at some point so I consider this "basic maintenance" If anyone has any pictures of their modification it would be very helpful!
  14. sandroosten

    Las Vegas Golden Knights

    Golden Knights are bad ass and working their butts off. we have had some real bad calls against us and for us. F the haters GO KNIGHTS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if we lose the cup what we did this season was amazing just for the record I am 100% banwagen fan.
  15. sandroosten

    School me on moving to Vegas.

    I am not a realtor, however I do build homes in Las Vegas for a living. I am not sure what you are looking to spend on a home, or what you are looking to get out of your property,... Ie land, shop, pool etc. The most desired parts of Las Vegas right now are the North West and the South West. I personally like Henderson because of land sizes and the type of people and living that is out there, also the schools seem to be a little better.

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