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  1. sorry to hear about this Ken, Im surprised it hasn't turned up yet. I couldn't believe it when they found Petes with the rail in it with 24 hours of being stolen. My jobs have been getting a crazy amount of stuff stolen lately. Crime seems to be really up in NLV lately.
  2. sandroosten


    I had several sets, I will not wear them since all of this bullcrap happened. I understand the marketing aspect (no such thing as bad publicity) For me, I will never wear Nike again. It is nice to know others share the same views.
  3. if you live in vegas i might be able to help you out.
  4. im liking that the 2020 HD should have the 10 speed transmission.
  5. i heard that is true in some states and not in others
  6. these people are making it about them. it drives me effing insane. the man/father has no say what happens to that child before its born. If a woman wants to have an abortion for any reason in many states they can. What if there was a father (sperm doner) that was willing to raise that child with or without the mother. what if that dad was willing to sign what ever they needed to prove they would take responsibility, pay all doctors bills, not come after her for child support? guess what, none of that shit means a dam thing. BUT, a woman want an abortion she can have one regardless of what anyone else thinks or wants. Also if they decide they want to have that child, they have the ability to come after who ever they want for child support without proof of that person being the father. the system is so messed up. If they are going to allow abortion it should have to be before a certain time. 3rd trimester is waaaaay to late. I am not well spoken nor well written, but this whole topic drives me nuts.
  7. i have a set of rear douglas wheels that are 15X12 with a 2" backspace i could always build you spacers as well. any size you want.
  8. ended up putting a new hot wire from the battery to the the MEFI. same issue i had with my car a few years ago.
  9. my thoughts as well. thank you for the help.
  10. thank you. is that the ignition relay?
  11. looks sick rob!
  12. I have a buddy chasing an electircal gremlin on his LS1 powered LT car he swears he has been through all of the grounds on the car. when the car is cold operating under 150 it runs fine. when it gets hot 180-200 the passenger side seems to lose spark (all four cylinders) we have tried a few different things. I let him borrow the whole coil set up off my car and it still did it. he just reinstalled the motor after taking it out and freshening it up and put a new intake on it. any ideas on something he might be missing? half tempted to just replace the entire harness. anybody else ever had this problem?

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