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  1. i snapped a combo spindle off with 8.80's on my first LT car. i was just happy it happened clicking 3rd starting into a dune ride up the first dune, and not doing 100 +across a set of whoops or hauling down a hill. I am sure driving styles have a lot to do with how long they last, but most of us out playing in the sand seem to really like the pedal on the right. if it can be afforded i would suggest the conversion.
  2. is there a reason they would not work with the micro stubs?
  3. If you have 930 cv's and have been wanting to go to 934 i have a set of adapters. they are 5.25 wide without grease zerk. let me know if you want them. made out of 1" thick 6061 aluminum. $225.00 702-575-3468 let me know if you want them. they do not work if you have midboards
  4. is this normal and just not something i remember hearing or do i have a problem? car is in neutral. please help. IMG_2769.MOV
  5. one thing i can say is that pictures do not do some of these cars justice. the paint and detail was really nice.
  6. I am pulling the car apart to repair a frame issue. the bar that the trailing arms mount to cracked on one side, then it completely broke off on the driver side. I am guessing others have had this problem and I am wondering if there any other areas of the car I should address while I have her apart. She is a 2006 so she has the older style rear shock towers with the three holes so I plan to update that while she is apart. I have noticed some flexing in the bulkhead so I think I might have that beefed up as well. Anything else? The purpose of this thread is not to bash Tatum, it is just to figure out if there are any areas i should have addressed while it is apart. With the way they guys I dune with drive i am sure anything would break at some point so I consider this "basic maintenance" If anyone has any pictures of their modification it would be very helpful!
  8. you guys are amazing. if anyone has any pictures of how it is wired it would be very helpful. looking at pictures of that amp it as 3 rca inlets. Im wondering if a spliter or a "y" is being used?
  9. I recently bought a weekend warrior full throttle and the amp for the stereo is missing. the trailer has all the exterior speakers, the subwoofer, the interior speakers, and the master bedroom speakers. when you turn the deck on only the master speakers come on. above the sink in the cabinet there are several wires (looks to be 6 rca wires) see photo my question is what amp was in here? i would like to buy the same amp so that i could just plug everything in and move on without doing a bunch of wiring. I have plenty of other projects. thank you for any help!
  10. Golden Knights are bad ass and working their butts off. we have had some real bad calls against us and for us. F the haters GO KNIGHTS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if we lose the cup what we did this season was amazing just for the record I am 100% banwagen fan.
  11. I am not a realtor, however I do build homes in Las Vegas for a living. I am not sure what you are looking to spend on a home, or what you are looking to get out of your property,... Ie land, shop, pool etc. The most desired parts of Las Vegas right now are the North West and the South West. I personally like Henderson because of land sizes and the type of people and living that is out there, also the schools seem to be a little better.
  12. hahahahahahahahaha ya you're just a big p***y
  13. My Alper Motorsports 427 Ripped all weekend as well. Alper and I did a little fun run, apparently when I was leading I "broke his GPS" according to him. it used to say top speed of 111 MPH, and somehow now it says 114 MPH. oops. Sorry Mr. Alper!!!
  14. Ill be out there with my daughter this weekend she has a 170 as well. I hope your problem is fixed. if not maybe its possible the emergency brake sensor might be getting tripped? I know they go into sort of a limp mode if the ebrake is not all the way disengaged? maybe the bumps were causing the sensor to engage? just a thought if it ends up happening again.
  15. they had some bad ass jams! haters gonna hate for each their own!
  16. Alper did my motor. I am very happy with it. those 383's seem to really run, and I don't see that transaxle being a problem at all.
  17. just shy of 500HP to the wheels through an S4S on 35" mud terrains with NO trickery on the Dyno. Real numbers. Best of all the torque graph is insane. as soon as you hit the throttle the bastard jumps above 400 and steadily climbs to close to the same number as the HP. I cant wait to get her out to the sand. Thank you Alper!
  18. I got this beautiful motor in the car and wired up its ready to go to the dyno! i had so many questions along the way... Alper answered his phone every single time and knew all of the answers. motor fired up instantly. im beyond excited to get back in the sand with this beast.
  19. I got the bug. For no good reason I decided i needed a bigger motor. The motor I had ran perfect every trip out and never once let me down, but i have people around me that are BAD INFLUENCES! I know there are much bigger and badder motors out there, however this is probably more than my white trash a** deserves. Jason from Alper motorsports knows his stuff. I mean it is ridiculous. he has every nut and bolt on these motors memorized. I swear he knows every trick. Stuff that would have took hours of research he knows AND had the parts in stock. I bought a LS7 out of a corvette Z06, and before I knew it the project had started. I know its not everyone's idea of beautiful, but I love her. we converted back to wet sump. (I'm not enough of a baller to do dry sump properly) new cam head job with better exhaust valves. rocker upgrade, and titanium retainers & upgraded springs 102 intake and throttle body black fuel rails black valve covers new modified water pump (he welded the two area closed that sandcars dont use) new pullies black BAD ASS alternator all new bolts
  20. ive seen some pretty solid 6cyl 2D cars below 20K i have had people get financed to purchase sand cars from me. One guy got a loan from one of the big banks. the other had a credit union finance him. also had one guy pull out his 401k and make payments back to that. if its what you want get it.
  21. they say maintenance is key. mine had severe wood wrought. it took me two weekends to pull it apart and repair the framing on the roof, framing under the front cap and put it all together. I waterproofed the crap out of it and i screwed everything together rather than use staples. it looks like they used 2X2 wood for most framing. the roof was a combination of 2X4 and 1X4 framing. the framing has a bunch of notches (not drilled holes) for electrical and mechanical. the roof was sheathed with 3/8 plywood. you can tell if there is damage by looking for soft spots in the front of the trailer on the roof in the corners. Just my .02.

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