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  1. Damn thats a great setup! Did you sell it yet?
  2. Damn I cant believe nobody has bought this car. One of my top three favorite cars in Glamis right now!
  3. Absolutely one of the best cars I have seen. Loved following the build up to this point and cant wait to see the final fit and finish. VERY nice build and would own this chassis no questions asked. Sooooo get building some more :-).
  4. Decent trip for our group outside of those dang rzrs lol. They had three belt changes and one lost a turbo. My newly remodeled SU sand pro 2 worked perfect and drove right on the trailer after 4 days of duning. Motorhome on the other hand.... Valve stem gave up sitting in camp one night. Trip to mullet man for a new valve stem. Got stuck today leaving... The blow out on inner duel on I-8. And to top it all off, outdoor shower valve sprung a random leak and needs replaced. Still had a great time and everyone is home safe in our crew.
  5. Wasn’t planning on going originally due to the above average amount of khaos, but looks like the wife and I are going to help out for a BBQ with her work. Im excited to go and just watch all the spectacle that is Glamis holiday weekends and see all the new cars and upgrades people have done. Like others have said, Glamis is what YOU make it. If your gonna be a grumpy ass and hate on everything, complain about dust, and hang around the busy areas then that’s on you (speaking in generalities not at anyone in particular). Anyway, be safe, be aware, and have some damn fun. This sport is fun damn it!!
  6. Still available. Time to go if anyone local is interested. $450
  7. Replaced my original radiator out of my 2007 Suspensions Unlimited Sand Pro 2. Had a small leak somewhere last season but sealed it with some stop leak and ran it for three more trips with zero issues. Refreshed my entire car this off season otherwise I would have just left it in. $200 obo. Contact Erik any time 602-402-4934.
  8. You bet! See you out in Glamis buddy.
  9. Anyone need this thing? Forgot I had it and not sure why I kept it. I believe it works just fine I just wont ever use it. Located in Chandler, AZ. Call/Text Erik 602-402-4934.
  10. Set of 275/65 r20 wheels and tires off my 2012 Super Duty. Tires are pretty worn but wheels are excellent. Located in Chandler, AZ. Call/txt Erik at 602-402-4934. Asking $500.

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