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  1. I was actually looking at those, one size fits all...lol
  2. I did look at CST and couldn't find anything for a super duty
  3. here's a pic of my land yacht. all windows have been tinted and installed the AMP retractable steps
  4. no pics on this computer, new work laptop, but I did send them an email. I will travel for the right shop and customer service. Thanks
  5. Hey gang, so Bobby at Sunrise hooked me up once again on a 2018 F350 4 door longbed lariat back in Oct 2018 and I want to start shopping for lifts and a good place to take it. Minimum tire size I want is 37", it is not a daily driver, I have put 4600 miles on it in about 6 months. I have been looking at coilovers vs coil springs and shock, 4" vs 6" and BDS seems to be the most popular lift. I want this thing done right and will not use it as a mall crawler. Since it is a lariat it came with 20" rims, and I am a firm believer in that the rim diameter should be 1/2 of the tire diameter. I am not opposed to going 38's to make it a little closer to the right ratio. 37's with a 4" BDS lift and 38's with a 6" BDS lift seem to be very similar in price. I would prefer to not have to regear it, but afterall the stock tire diameter is 34.5" so going up another few inches shouldn't make that big of a difference. Max I will pull is my work dump trailer that is rated for 15k lbs, but doubt it will see that much. Most of its towing duties for now would be just our 21' wakeboard boat to the local lake 30 miles away. Any local shops to San Diego that you recommend or steer me in the right direction? Thanks for the input. Ian
  6. No can do on the 23rd. Torri is going under the knife.
  7. Howdy, I'm looking for someone or a group to go play with. Here's a quick summary of me. I'm 42 and pretty laid back. I did the quad thing in mid to late 90's, then did the buggy thing (standard travel vw, then 4 seater vw, then big long travel car. Had the monster truck and condo on wheels etc. The truck, trailer and buggy went bye bye in a divorce in 2011. After missing the desert for the last 4 years, I got a wild hair up my ass and bought a 2015 Raptor 700 a couple weeks ago. So now I'm doing the no stress sleep in truck approach. I am not a fast rider by any means, I like to cruise and enjoy the desert for what it is, beautiful and peaceful. So I'm looking for people to just go enjoy the sand in a relaxed manner. Please let me know if anyone is looking for the same as I am suffering with sand withdrawals Thanks
  8. I have a Hobart handler might welder for small projects and stuff and I love it.
  9. I am now accepting applications for either entry level or experienced remodel technicians. Work is located various areas of San Diego. Most of my jobs last 3-5 weeks so it's fast paced but rewarding. Please fax resumes to 760-788-6818 or email to ian@coleyconstruction.com
  10. just noticed that my OG status of being a member since 04 is gone and now my sign up date is this year and all my thousands of important posts are gone.....feeling so sad....anyone have any info on what happened?

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