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  1. You need dirt tires to make it out there, your paddles will get torn up
  2. That is west of gecko rd, not far from the old landing strip.
  3. Don't hammer the flanges off,There is a clip in the center you need to remove first, Then you may get lucky and be able to get a vise grip on the inside of the broken bolt and remove it. If they seem wedge in there then you may need to drill them out or use a extractor. If you are home just remove the clips from the flanges and bring them to any buggy shop and they will remove them and clean the threads or retap them. Good luck .
  4. It has been the funnest off road car that I have ever owned ,When you get the itch to drive your car in the off season,You go to the garage hop in and go for long ride on the asphalt or in the dirt.I will never get rid of mine. Good luck with the sale .
  5. I went 10 years with the same set up that I have now with the exception of a 40 inch light bar above the windshield, I did break a timing belt and replaced it and got lucky that I didn't do any damage to the motor, that I know of !! replaced the timing belt , bearings, water pump,tensioner all with OG Japanese parts. I did a compression check and it looks good. It seems it all started after I took my header & tail pipe in and got it ceramic coated in a color I didn't want because the color I wanted he ran out of and I needed my car that weekend. I was under the impression that you didn't make a heat shield for this motor. The motor runs great and no lost of power at all. Here are some lousy pictures I just took in the dark. Thanks John for the reply. Johnny
  6. For some reason after ceramic coating my Subaru 2.5 turbo header I am now melting the center timing cover .Has anyone ever experience this before ??. I have seen heat shields on the Subaru SOHC but have not seen any on the DOHC motors. If anyone is running one, could I see a couple pictures so I can see how you mounted them. I believe there are none to purchase, So I believe I would have to make one myself. Thanks in advance Johnny
  7. That was for sure the worse tumble, cartwheel, flip I have seen. These short wheel base cars/side x sides start to roll they keep going. It's like rolling a small rock down a hill it keeps rolling, with a heavier car it lodges itself it to the sand and stops rolling sooner. I am glad the people were safe. My take on the hill on why there is so many accidents is that it is easy to get too and it is steep , If that hill was a challenge to get to there would be minable accidents,rangers,drunks and people that have more experience on how to navigate to a hill. It was a busy weekend for sure, But we went to china wall and it was peaceful, No rangers No wantabe Robby Gordon's and plenty of room to go up and down the hill without everyone sitting on the hill causing a small funnel ,In the case you can't make it up , and have to turn and go back down. Well what I'm trying to say is on the big weekends get out and get away from all the High traffic areas, Hell with all the people out there this weekend if you went south on the dunes ,there were very little untouched tracks. Stay safe and have fun. Johnny
  8. Enjoyed the get together guys, Great turn out . I was hoping to buy a shirt but they sold out before I could get there and I was only ten minutes late,Next year you will have to print more. Keep the old school rides going ,They started all this great madness .And if you can't do it stiff Your'e not doing it right.Hey that would make a good sticker for you guys . Johnny
  9. I second Scott device. I talked to Scott about these devices and I purchased one and they work well. Johnny KK6RGN
  10. Has anyone onboard ever tried using one of those counter top electric still's ,I asked Santa for one for xmas ,And boy I love that Apple Pie and I will try this recipe . Johnny KK6RGN
  11. I have one but it's a different brand , I love it .I have a little 3 gallon plastic gas marine tank and it will last me for 3 days running it about 8 hours a day.The only thing i did different, was I put a 90 degree fitting on top of the cap so it doesn't fold over. Johnny
  12. Met you you at the flag pole a few weeks back,I need some new tires for my jack i have worn out my tires over the last few years, No tread left but this jack has been used and abused by the group and myself . It is one bad ass jack .
  13. What happend to the Glamis weather tab ? I found this reply in the search .( Top menu of any page and you can click the Glamis Conditions tab.) But I don't see a Glamis conditions tab. Johnny
  14. https://www.ezoilchangevalve.com/store/p14/EZ-101_[Thread_size_%3A1%2F2"-20UNF].html?_vsrefdom=adwords&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6rXeBRD3ARIsAD9ni9Bo5rD-L7xX2AOyMnCXD3x5H8k8UDjc4N5RHy_b1LwV-KYbsJeOt2MaAsNIEALw_wcB Don't know if they make these for your application but I swear by these,I run one on my subi and love it ,Just had to drill a small hole in my skid pan that gets a snap in plug. when i'm done.Customer service is great. Johnny
  15. Hope these bastards get there karma and you get your stuff back.Take a look at Track-4 gps device. I was introduced to this product a few months ago from one of the members here . I Installed one in my car and its awesome. I run tests on it all the time and its spot on. Johnny

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