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  1. Had a great 4 days out there BUT the road along side of the freeway is just a friggin mess, I don't care how good your suspension is, It is rough as shit ,But everyone thinks they own trophy trucks and people are all over the place and can't keep their car going straight . It is dangerous ,you need to take the dunes or your taking a chance . Be safe out there.And pick up your trash. Johnny
  2. Well that is promising , I understand they are equipped for these types of injuries . They attempted a surgery yesterday and the poor kid (27yrs of age) had a heart attack and they almost lost him. Please keep the prayers coming. And if anyone has any information or seen this accident please message me . I am just trying to help his wife and son.
  3. I spoke to Trevor's father today, and he is not doing well. Major spinal injury and is paralyzed from his midsection on down. Please keep the prayers coming .
  4. Well ,I found out that the guy on the motorcycle was hit or hit a big yellow sand rail, I don't have any details yet but the guy on the motorcycle is in a Palm spring hospital with a spinal injury, and it does not look good .
  5. I was in Glamis this weekend and I understand a Buggy & motorcycle collided on the trail, On the way to the Hill . Sure hope everyone was ok
  6. I camp there about twice a year, was there over thanksgiving and it was nice, Everything was clean and the food at the restaurant was good. The riding was a little rutted out & very rough do to the rains . It's something different then going to the dunes.I have no issues with the place . Johnny
  7. If I was closer to you I would pull it out for you, Not sure what motor you have , but it can't be that big of your running a 002 box. Rancho would probably be your best as far rebuilding , They are one of the best in the industry . Johnny
  8. If you still have it and Concept Thomas passes on it ,Let me know I may want it. Johnny
  9. I remembered , Interstate VW thats it. They do most of the paper work and all you have to do is take it to the DMV and they hand you plates , It was that easy, but then again that was ten years ago . Good luck and that is one nice car. Johnny
  10. All I can say is that car is sick, Did Curt build that Body ??. That car would be crazy fun on the street. I have bought a few pans with titles from a place up near lake elsinore . I can't remember the name of the place. It will come to me and I will let you know.
  11. What are you building ?? may I ask . Johnny
  12. Check for exhaust leaks on your header, I had a issue not exactly like your's but similar and had a big crack on my header, It won't cost you anything . When you pulled the plugs how did they look in color ??. Good luck and please let us know what you find. Johnny
  13. Well said socaldmax I am going to look at your threads for sure , I am testing one currently ,called SinoTrack It seems pretty good for the price . I have a few that I use in my RC planes . I would like to pick your brain someday over the phone. Johnny

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