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  1. Supergnario

    Flutter valve recommendation?

  2. Supergnario

    Flutter valve recommendation?

    Copy. Thanks. Hoping this fixes the harshness from ruts. The rest of the stroke is pretty good
  3. Supergnario

    Flutter valve recommendation?

    Hi, I have a two seat beam car with 2.5” longer front arms. I have 2.5” x8” remote reservoir coil overs. Currently they are shimmed with .08 shim stacks on both compression and rebound. It is a single rate coil setup with 75lb springs. I would like to soften up the initial part of the stroke. I want to add a flutter valve. Any suggestions on thickness and diameter of the flutter valve shim?
  4. Supergnario

    Vw Sandrail 3x3 coilover valving

    I currently have my shocks apart. It’s a dual rate setup. Going to start at 12 compression and 10 rebound. As soon as I get them back together and charged I will measure the amount of shock shaft showing. I will have the car out in the sand at the end of next week and will re-evaluate then.
  5. Supergnario

    Vw Sandrail 3x3 coilover valving

    I’m unsure on my spring rates, because the numbers are worn off. The height it sits at with the preload set at 2 5/8” currently is about perfect.
  6. Supergnario

    Vw Sandrail 3x3 coilover valving

    I have a 93” wheelbase two seat beam Sandrail with a vw engine. I have 10” fox coil overs with 3x3 trailing arms. The current valving shins are all .08 for both rebound and compression. I’m unsure what the car weighs. The car bottoms on g outs and any significant hits very easily. Currently I am getting 13.5” of travel. What valving do you all reccomend as a starting point? I’m aware it may take a couple of tries to get this right.
  7. Supergnario

    STU’s or xtreme paddle pros and cons

    Awesome! Thanks for the reccomendations.
  8. Hi everyone, I have a two seat mid travel beam car with a 1.8l type 4 vw What brand do you like best and why?
  9. Supergnario

    Getting Unstuck/towed Out.

    Anyone had any experience throwing a set of paddles on their pickup truck? I have an extra set of paddles and figured I could just bring them along. If the rail breaks I can throw the paddles on the pickup and go pull out the rail. Assuming it is broke in a place that is accessible in a truck. For example the bigger dunes along sand hiway.
  10. Supergnario

    Getting Unstuck/towed Out.

    Thanks for all the reply's. Lots of good ideas. Hopefully I won't have to use them but, it's better to have a game plan before something happens.
  11. Supergnario

    Getting Unstuck/towed Out.

    We went to ask if the sno cat was working and were informed that the insurance was too high so they were not using it any more? Any validity to this? Any ideas on how much the sno cat cost in the past? Thx for all the help
  12. Supergnario

    Getting Unstuck/towed Out.

    I'm pretty new to driving a Sandrail in the dunes. Been riding my dirtbike there for years. This last weekend my buddy seized his rzr a few dunes in from the lookout. It took us forever to get him out. After several attempts we were able to pull him out with another Rzr. This left me thinking what do I do if my rail breaks down out in the middle of the dunes? Is there someone I can call? Do you have any tricks to getting out? Thx

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