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  1. Also no matter what your tow vehicle is, someone will tell you that you need something bigger to tow the trailer with and that they personally wouldn't put their family in danger like that
  2. Its the first version, still able to lift in and out of bed with ease. Not as light as the aluminum one. A buddy of mine asked to use it for his friend who had a gooseneck ball and wanted to tow a 5th wheel he was considering buying but he wasn't sure how well his older 2500 would tow it and didn't want to buy a 5er hitch If he didn't feel comfortable. That's how this all came about, figured if someone can use it to save some money or try using before buying one for themselves.
  3. If anyone would like to try this out before they buy one, or need to borrow it feel free to text me I am not looking for money or to rent it out or sell it, as I still use it to move my dad's 5th wheel every now and again 909-579-7519 Austin
  4. That was good, I was cheering for them to blast him in the face with that mollie whopper. That boy can sure ride the lightning thou 😂
  5. isn't that much more for the S4D vs a S4 maybe something to think about
  6. The videos I watched seems like you have to get extremely close to the fire to put out.
  7. Aeromotive makes a ss 10 micron filter, Aeromotive 12650 Filter
  8. my GF lives in Campo, she is leaving Upland tomorrow to go home she could meet you somewhere if you want them, shoot me a text -909-579-7519
  9. Have one tire and VIsion wheel, bought new from AMERICAS TIRE on my way home from Idaho dunes in August when my front driver's wheel cracked somewhere around ST George UT was only used for couple hundred miles to get me home. Bought 5 new Wheels and tires so this has been taking up garage space and want it gone ASKING 250 Located in Upland ca call or text me at 909-579-7519
  10. Thanks all for the replies. Found a praxair open in Indio this morning so drove up and exchange my tank. If anyone needs some I got a fresh tank lol
  11. Anyone in Glamis have a bottle of Nitrogen to charge couple shocks? Joe Fab is closed till Wednesday and so is Air Gas. Went to fill my bottle Saturday and while Air gas’s website says they are open the sign on the door says they won’t be open till the 26th . If you can help a duner call or text me at 909-579-7519 thank you and merry Christmas
  12. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:2008-Jayco-Seneca-35-GS-147101

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