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  1. RHS 440 twin turbo 1300+hp RHS hi flow heads High output billet alternator High pressure Billit dry sump Mill spec wiring harness New turbos New axles new hubs all new CVs new clutch new Albans transmission carbon fiber body clear bra to protect paint GPS car to car communications iPod hook up big stereo system LED lights 3.5 king bypasses all four corners jet trim seats and full interior Call Curtis for more info (951)746-8250
  2. Ryan_hapner

    Price drop 115,000 Tatum pre-runner Tatum motorsports

    115,000 car is fully prepped and ready to go I guarantee you this is the most reliable and one of the best pre-runners out there 2013 and it wasn’t used for two years it is basically a 2016 drivetrain is completely new car is in great shape and is a proven car that is constantly maintained there will be no unexpected Failures like these other cars that are never used properly or maintained then you buy them and they leave you stranded that will not happen with this car she has proven herself time after time Call for more information the best of every part was used on this build
  3. Ryan_hapner

    Price drop 115,000 Tatum pre-runner Tatum motorsports

    Leak down and compression test was done last week and came back perfect compression was perfect all the way across the board and leak down was extremely good Motor is in perfect shape and the car is working extremely good
  4. Ryan_hapner

    Price drop 115,000 Tatum pre-runner Tatum motorsports

    Car is still for sale will be fully prepped for Presidents’ Day
  5. Ryan_hapner

    Price drop 115,000 Tatum pre-runner Tatum motorsports

    Sorry The correct phone number is (951)746-8250
  6. Ryan_hapner

    Price drop 115,000 Tatum pre-runner Tatum motorsports

    120,000 Or best offer
  7. Tatum pre-runner fully built RHS 440 stroker motor RHS Pro heads Albans transmission 3.5 King shocks all four corners Motech style computer Full interior huge stereo iPod hook up race radio headsets navigation Carbon fiber body paint job is completely protected by clear bra 130,000 OBO (951)746-8250 Curtis
  8. Ryan_hapner

    Tatum pre-runner

    Car will be in Glamis this veterans weekend if anybody would like to see in person
  9. Ryan_hapner

    Tatum pre-runner

    Car is undergoing complete prep @ KATG motorsports should be done by next week for whoever the lucky new owner maybe good luck
  10. Ryan_hapner

    Tatum pre-runner

  11. Ryan_hapner

    Tatum pre-runner

    Car was only put on 18 pounds of boost this one time to see horsepower numbers I used the car on 14 pounds of boost to be conservative to the motor but it can handle much more
  12. Ryan_hapner

    Tatum pre-runner

  13. Ryan_hapner

    WTB fuel injected rzr 170

    Still looking for a fuel injected 170 thank you
  14. Looking to buy fuel injected rzr 170 preferably stock Text or call Curtis (951)746-8250 thank you

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