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  1. I see where you are going with a dead hole or 2 but that wouldnt necessarily cause a miss but would definitely not sound right at least at idle and would be noticeably lazy when revving it up as opposed to hitting on all 8. Agree watch fuel pressure both idle and under a load, and look for gauge port right on the regulator. If you didnt have a go pro just try and get some -4 or whatever line to run to maybe the back seat and have someone hold it and watch it there.
  2. I am leaning towards a fuel problem most likely pump. You never stated you checked the fuel pressure when you were out driving and gave it the beans. Pumps act weird when they go bad and could be intermittent but when you give it the gas it’s probably not maintaining the volume. Maybe see if some one has one to swap to test. Could also be regulator but those are less likely to go bad.
  3. I have aftermarket steam ports in the back and pull the pipe plugs out of each when filling and let air get out that way then put the plugs back in. I will say I did have issues before I put holes in the t stat like in the pictures on the first page so that is a must do.
  4. Sounds like the freeze plug is the way to go however I run the mr gasket t stat with holes drilled in it and have not had any issues there either.
  5. I did this along with an engine swap a few years ago, I agree with paying attention to oil pan clearance as that was a lesson learned for me the hard way. But I bought the Kartek mounts as a template but otherwise they were useless since all the chassis are essentially different and had to make my own trans mounts. Also agree you will need longer axles but spend some time in mockup getting the best (least) angles that you can.
  6. Fuel pump and fan or each fan need to be on relays for sure. I don’t believe the starter does since the switch is just energizing the solenoid for a short time.
  7. You have a dyno sheet so hard to argue but that does seem pretty sporty. My LS1 w/ LS6 intake similar cam but ported 243 heads made 502 at the crank. By comparison I would expect your setup would be 450-460 at the crank so 426 is not much loss.
  8. Well it’s states LS1 so that clears up the LS1/LS3 discussion and it also states whipple lower intake so must be referring to a supercharger not turbos. Agree the ad is not written very well and should check some facts and clarify setup.
  9. Thanks Parker and Gear One for taking care of me had the parts in stock so I can finish up my project!
  10. Looking to rebuild my older Gear One brake calipers, I do have an email out to the Gear One guys but waiting on a response. Does anyone have a seal kit part number for both the 4 piston and 2 piston calipers? I don’t have them off yet to measure the piston OD. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Also to help burping when filling with water I crack the steam ports when filling and this helps the air escape, seems to work for me.
  12. I also run the Mr Gasket 160 thermostat with holes drilled in it. This passed weekend only got to 205, if you can’t find the freeze plug just run the thermostat with some holes drilled.
  13. Im running this one from joes racing products on my LS1 and really happy with it. https://www.joesracing.com/product/joes-remote-oil-filter-mounts/
  14. tgsracing


    Where are you located? Just to validate you would be willing to separate the 4 headsets if I was interested in 2? And they would be $100 a piece?
  15. What size is the oil cooler, are those -10 fittings and how much?

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