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  1. bigjoe619

    Anyone ever ride in Big Bear?

    Thank you everyone. I imagine with this weather it will be a muddy wet ride.
  2. bigjoe619

    Anyone ever ride in Big Bear?

    Cabin is reserved for next weekend. we have 5 sxs in the group and we mostly only ride Glamis so we will see what we get into..
  3. Looking to do a little trail ride and a few of my partners want to head up to Big Bear next weekend, Any recommendations on trails ? We will be staying about 20 mins from Cactus Flats ohv. Thanks in advance.
  4. bigjoe619

    YXZ SS stainless exhaust

    anything coming out for the wildcat xx with the same motor?
  5. By the way 6 trips on the wildcat xx only to the sand and I haven't missed my v6 rail one bit, and I NEVER had a problem with my 4.3 v6 091 combo in my rail. 6k for 50hp turbo isn't worth it to me.
  6. I have a 18 wildcat xx and I am totally happy with mine, Is it slower then a rzr turbo and a can am turbo yes, but Its honestly like having a v6 long travel rail. You are goin to get there 1 or 2 minutes after the turbo or v8 car. but you break less and you are comfortable at the same time
  7. bigjoe619

    Wildcat XX - got one!

    Thank you Boss, what paddles are you running?
  8. bigjoe619

    Wildcat XX - got one!

    Picked up mine friday, i have been looking at them since they came out. I have a 4 seater sandrail but decided the sxs was a little more practical and i could use it more so my sandrail has to go now
  9. I was wondering what the best bang for the $ when it comes to the 2018 textron wildcat xx. Some say stick with 15s some say i can use some 14s. Alot of rzr guys are goin 32s so i was wondering if 30s off a rzr either 14s or 15s will work?
  10. bigjoe619

    Paddles 13.00x15 need inner tubes

    how much in each paddle?
  11. bigjoe619

    Buggyworks Sandcar

    still have this?
  12. bigjoe619

    WTB 2006 or newer 28-30ft toy hauler bumper pull

    can you send pix to 619-864-3754
  13. Good kit i used the same one on my Ls3 swap on my K5 blazer
  14. bigjoe619

    Car cover

    i use my cover off my 75 chevy caprice from pep boys like $100 and it fits my rail
  15. bigjoe619


    The water looking stuff is the windshield. Jeff Pont has some bad ass toys.

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