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  1. I have no answers, only observations and questions. I am 48, grew up in Arizona my whole life. All through school there were always confrontations, some times two people just did not get along. But there was always a way to settle it. After school at the bike racks, alley across the street, etc. And one of two things would happen, you kicked ass or got your ass kicked. And 80% of the time it ended with a mutual respect for each other and a friendship comes out of it. Sure there were guns around back then, most of the time in nightstand drawers and not locked up. Because we knew that if you touched it you would get beat ! So, is that the issue ? Lack of parental discipline due too government saying how we need to raise our kids ? Teachers can no longer discipline kids int he classroom with out a law suit these days. Do parents need to start being held responsible for the kids getting their guns and committing crimes? Or maybe if parents would be involved parents instead of trying to be more like a "cool uncle" and be all up in their kids business and know who they are hanging around with and call those parents on a regular basis if your kid is over there a lot ? Then there is the media ? I think they should not put up the picture or the name of the "murdering coward" instead report on the victims only. Take away their 5 minutes of fame. To blame video games is like blaming cartoon, we say the coyote try to kill the road runner how many times ? and you never heard of some idiot trying to drop a huge safe off a mountain top to try and kill someone ? I don't know what it is, but there has to be some smart people out there that can see what has changed in the last 20 years (social media ) that has made this an all too frequent occurrence.
  2. Someone buy this awesome example of modern american muscle and help this young man full fill his dream of getting back into a sand car !
  3. Not too many people remember Bee Line. It is was a trap shooting club last I saw. My dad used to hang out there in the 70's.
  4. i8sand


    So here is our story. We moved into our house in 2011. It was built in 2006, but sat empty as the housing market burst at that time. It was for sale a few times but did not sell as it was over priced. All we knew was that the couple that built the house filed for divorced before it was finished and neither could occupy according to divorce paperwork. About 3 weeks after moving in my wife was home alone and said she thought someone was in the house, she called my name a few times to see if it was me, she swore that someone was coming toward her. Terrified .. she grabbed the shotgun from the safe and did a full sweep of the house. She never saw anyone but still felt as if there was someone in there, so she went up to the grocery store till I got home. I checked the house top to bottom and did not see any sign of someone ever being in there. A few weeks after we installed an alarm and cameras. We live in a rural area where the neighbors are a few hundred feet away. We share a well with our neighbor to the west of us. Nice lady, we spoke often but never really personal stuff. She lived there with her adult daughter, the daughter's boyfriend and their kids. So as the years went on the wife and I would often be watching tv and both look at each other and say did you hear that or see that as we would see shadows or hear noises. Our cameras would pick up alot of movement at night and some people would say it was an orb, others would say it was a bug or dust but you could clearly see a glowing or reflecting object moving around the room on the camera. We looked into the history of the house, but we were the first to occupy, so there was no history. About 5 years in we were talking with the neighbors adult daughter and she disclosed to us that her dad was friends with the people we bought the house from and he was helping build the house. And one day he was working on the house and never came home ? The wife went over to see what he was doing and she found him in the basement with a self inflicted gun shot to the head. Could this be our mystery ghost ? The kids rooms are in the basement and my kids would always ask why I would spy on them ? I was like what, and they would say we hear you or know when you are watching us ! spooky, because I never go down stairs unless I have too. Then we come to find out the gentleman and I share the same name, even more spooky. So because it works in all the movies, we decided to have a little ceremony and ask the gentleman to leave and go be with his family and that they miss him and so on.......... it has been 5 years or so and we have not had any more mysterious sightings or sounds. But coincidentally, the neighbors moved a few months later ? The new owners do not live there, they only visit a few times a year and I have yet to ask if they have experienced any weirdness.
  5. Any unique identifying marks or parts ? I am in the market for a car and have looked at a few here in AZ. I will keep an eye out as I search the forums and ads.
  6. Lucky you. Summer kick off party on Aug 9th ? Here in AZ our winter kick off party is 1st Monday in January and then Summer kick off party is two days later.
  7. Looks like a 924. The 928's were more bubbled in the rear. Regardless it looks to be in good shape.
  8. From the title, I thought this was going to be about 90210 ! I think I would rather see that than Tom Cruise ! not a fan.
  9. Hotwheels as a kid but stompers as a teen. We would make mud bogs and such int he yard and see who could get the furthest. Now I see how much those things are going for !
  10. i8sand


    Is the windshield wiper a requirement as well ? Or is that an added bones for clearing the dust off ? Good looking car.
  11. i8sand


    Is the front mounted flag a requirement, or just different ? I am not sure I have ever seen that before.
  12. Sounds like San Diego needs a few of these. Keep your hunting rifles locked up in safes, home protection needs to be readily accessible. https://www.amazon.com/StreetWise-Quick-Shelf-Safe-RFID/dp/B0157GT47Q
  13. Give the poor guy a break, his back was obviously having a spasm from carrying around that purse for his wife.
  14. Thank you for the Mustang ! Not so much thanks for the Pinto !
  15. I almost did not see the wing as my eyes were focused on the chrome trim and hood scoop. Pep Boys must have had a sale.

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