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  1. Sounds like San Diego needs a few of these. Keep your hunting rifles locked up in safes, home protection needs to be readily accessible. https://www.amazon.com/StreetWise-Quick-Shelf-Safe-RFID/dp/B0157GT47Q
  2. Give the poor guy a break, his back was obviously having a spasm from carrying around that purse for his wife.
  3. Thank you for the Mustang ! Not so much thanks for the Pinto !
  4. I almost did not see the wing as my eyes were focused on the chrome trim and hood scoop. Pep Boys must have had a sale.
  5. Corvette Summer Stroker Ace Talladega Nights
  6. i8sand

    F11 Top Coat ?

    They do a car show / cruise in once a month or so. I might roll over there and check it out.
  7. i8sand

    F11 Top Coat ?

    I have had great results with the Maguires products. But this F11 stuff looks almost too good to be true. It is not cheap and people are buying and using it, so I would think that it is all that it claims to be ?
  8. Maybe I should not have used the term rock crawlers as they have some good groups and do a lot for the trails and community. There are some areas out there that are steep and challenging and some people find it necessary to destroy the hill side in a manner that allows them to make it to the top in their inadequately equipped Isuzu Amigos ( sorry Amigo owners ) . I get it, we are all into something different, but when it gets to the point of closing down trails or whole rec areas to allow for vegetation regeneration then some sort of compromise or common sense needs to kick in.
  9. Anyone ever use this product for washing and polishing ? F11 Top Coat. Says it is for everything, boats, bikes, car, RVs. All reviews and videos say the same thing, once you use it you will never use anything again. I live in a rural area where there is a lot of dust, I am constantly wiping down my vehicles, especially every time I leave the house. Drives my wife crazy. I don't have expensive vehicles, but I do take pride in making them look good ! I do have a Harley with lots of chrome and the add says you can apply it to anything. It is fire proof, so no worries wiping down the exhaust ? I will even wash and polish up my RZR and quads the night before a ride. I just like to have them looking good ! I think it helps with the dust and mud sticking to them as well ? The cost of 1 bottle of the F11 is ridiculous, but if the end result is as stated, It may be worth it ?
  10. The trail from Punkin Ctr to Young is a great one too, good weather for that this weekend.. There is a pretty cool cave to check out on the way. Depending on time of year, the Workman creek waterfall is something to see as well. It is about a 10 mile side trip from this trail. There are some ruins above the falls but that is a bit of a hike and it is steep and extremely loose rocks. You can stage at the back of butcher jones, or the boat overflow area called Pobrecito and make your way back to the coves from there. Only issue is they have closed a lot of the trails that lead up and down the ridges as the rock crawlers have tore the heck out of that place. So you almost have to stick tot he washes. Been running those trails for 30 years, this is the worst it has been out there.
  11. Not into Beemers, what makes this one highway star worthy ?
  12. There is a joke in there somewhere about the Tacoma pulling a Yugo, vs. the Tundra pulling the space shuttle ! Is it the angle or is that Baja Right arm dominate ? That BMW looks like a 2002 ?
  13. if the parents were the enablers for his laziness or lack of motivation ? then I would say the answer is yes.
  14. My parents struggled with money my whole childhood. We moved a lot ( every time the rent was raised ). My parents had many jobs and sometimes no jobs. I was out on my own at the age of 16 and never looked back. I never lived in a house until I bought one of my own. I may not have received an inheritance when my mom passed, but I did get an education of what not to do. I worked my butt off, still working my butt off. Same job for 25 years, moved once in the past 20 years, 1 kid in college and 1 is a senior in HS. No debt, and planning for an early retirement. I try to tell my kids that other than the lottery, there is no shortcut, hard work will always pay off in the end. And with todays generation, you can certainly get ahead faster if you work hard as no one seems to want to put in the time and effort anymore. NO.. there is not an app for that !

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