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  1. Solid advice .... well sort of !
  2. I too am curious as to where they are doing a 3 day ride. My guess would be The Arizona Peace Trail if it is a 3 day ride. However I thought it was 750 miles not 500 ? Good Luck and be safe !
  3. Big Rally this weekend to bring awareness to this. Some of the most aggressive proposals I have seen in a while are in this bill. www.2ndamendmentrallyaz.com Looks like they have some speakers lined up as well. Big motorcycle ride in from Encanto Park to the capital.
  4. "99 % of life is what you make of it, so if you say life sucks then you suck !! " -suicidal tendencies
  5. RIP Kirk Douglas - 103 is a heck of a run !
  6. The wife and I just had this conversation the other day after encountering our "miserable" neighbor. The worst part is that it is easier for those miserable people to try and make others miserable, rather than be happy that they are alive and living.
  7. Time to get serious and really sell this thing. I have been turning down offers but I think I am ready now. Putting it online nationally Saturday. It is Elvis approved after all ! It has made an appearance at BigSammy's car show in June. And it did win an award ! Even if it was for furthest traveled So many nice Sand Cars for sale is really pushing me to get another.
  8. I have seen it on here before but could not find it so I though I would ask again. I am looking to replace my 04' RAM 2500 5.9 4x4. First of all it is a lot of truck to try and replace, it has been good to us over the years, but it is getting up there in age and although the motor is awesome, the rest is starting to be less awesome. Don't really need a diesel for what we pull, but it sure makes it easy when heading to the mountains. Not sure I want to mess with DEF ? We tow a 27' WW superlite. Between 7K-8K when fully loaded. Looking for feed back on the following : F150 - ecoboost vs 5.0 how do either of those handle with and without towing ? RAM eco diesel - anyone use one of theses ? RAM 1500 with the 5.7 - how does it tow ? Tundra ?
  9. I wouldn't want to pull that trailer, that Caned Ham has to be more weight on the back of that trailer than the weight of the truck on the front. Guarantee that trailer will be wagging its tail.
  10. I look at it this way, the sport is always evolving and there is always something newer and better on the horizon. We all just fit in to the sport where ever we can ( weather that be financially, socially, skill level, etc.). Who cares what your riding, as long as your not acting like a douche, then I say tear it up on your 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, Rhino, RZR, beam car, 100K car, or electric power wheels quad around camp ! There is my .02 spent.
  11. I too was ready to call BS, but was pleasantly surprised with the list. My first thought was they need to reword it to President of America, not American President, because we all know he is not American !
  12. i8sand


    Two highly explosive offenses = boring defensive game ! Go Chef's ! I don't care who wins as long as Sherman does not touch the ball... I very much dislike that guy !
  13. X2 on this. I used them for a tank repair ( crack in the fresh water tank) I too tried the do it yourself plastic weld before calling the pros. They gave me a worst case scenario quote and said it could take 2 weeks. I dropped off the tank on a Wednesday right before closing and they called me the next afternoon and said it was all good. They even replaced a fitting and repaired around it saying it was leaking. Total bill was $60. Fast, cheap and Friendly, but most important it did not leak !
  14. If so, that would make those Dodge Balls !!

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