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  1. i8sand

    Flagstaff Camping

    if your bringing the kids ? There is Bearizona just west of Flagstaff in Williams. There is also a huge meteor crater East of Flagstaff on I40. And the Grand Canyon if you have never been. There is a loop from Flagstaff that will take you along the south rim of the canyon. As stated previously, there are Indians ruins just outside of Flag in Walnut Creek, and the Lava tube is pretty cool ( no really, it is always 45 degrees ! )
  2. i8sand

    Jim Fowler RIP

    yep, every Sunday. Here is a classic, Hawks and Squirrels. Sorry don't know how to post videos. https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/jim-fowler-appears-on-seinfeld-20190510-p51lyt.html
  3. i8sand

    Today's Highway star

    It's a Dummer !
  4. i8sand

    5 seat Sand Car - $19,000 (payments/Trade in's - OK)

    Says 70K on their website for the Silver and Blue 2007 Buckshot X5.
  5. i8sand

    Arizona Residential HVAC Contractor

    Call these guys. Family owned and operated. Great people. I have known the owner for about 30 years. Tell them Jeff sent you and they will treat you right. https://www.mechanicoolaz.com/
  6. i8sand

    Looking for a used truck.

    I am in the market as well. And just as you have stated I am completely blown away for what people want for a used truck with 100K+ miles. Anyone have the F150 ecoboost ? if so, how well do they pull ? I currently have an 04.5 ram 2500 CTD with about 130K miles. I have an 08 WW superlite that is about 8500lbs fully loaded. So no real need for the diesel. Was curious about the ecoboost and if they are worth it.
  7. i8sand

    Trailer Issues

    Don't rule out your front ball joints. If they are worn, you will experience the same issues as you describe. I had the same thing happen, it would get squirley about 50+mph. I remember the blisters and the sore shoulders from trying to keep that thing on the road.
  8. i8sand

    For all of you SiriusXM listeners...

    Hair Nation !!! I do listen to 1st Wave as well. I grew up on that stuff too. Dead or Alive, Gene Loves Jezebel, INXS, Duran Duran. I also listened to a lot of what was considered then to be Punk. Dead Kennedy's, GBH, Sex Pistols, Public Image Limited, Oingo Boingo, Beastie Boys.
  9. i8sand

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    I totally agree. I did take hunters ed for the lifetime point and I do have the extra point for deer and elk. I have been practicing archery in the back yard, but not yet confident I am ready to hunt archery. I enjoy getting out and just seeing wildlife.
  10. i8sand

    Wing Wednesday

    I thought Saturn had Rings not Wings ?
  11. i8sand

    Hunting Trips Who Has What Planned?

    There is a rhyme and reason, I have yet to figure it out !!! Seems like the same people I know get drawn every year. I have pulled a few tags for deer, elk and javalina. But not consistently, and the elk tag was a dry year, so no stalking as every step was a crunch, crackle or snap.
  12. i8sand

    Chrysler 300 clean!! SOLDDDD

    what motor is in it ? what kind of mileage does it get ? is that a small tear in the drivers seat ? Thx
  13. i8sand

    Fresh Water Fill up

    you mean Under There ?
  14. i8sand

    Lets Talk Welding Helmets

    Good to know. I have gotten pretty good using the crappy harbor fright wire welder and cheap helmet. You got me wondering what my welds would look like using real equipment !
  15. i8sand

    Wing Wednesday

    That car must be new, the price tag is still on it.

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