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  1. dogwillhunt

    ISO 32 Ford

    Try good ole boys San Diego... the guy who runs it, woody, has a mass mail email chain that is called Woody Bay. It’s like a email classified and info page.
  2. Looks like a nice place to come home and shoot doves after work!
  3. If anyone is holding a GEN 4 HUB for 930 set-up and not sure why you still have it, let me know. Looking for 1, will buy pair if price is right. Thanks
  4. Love the T1000's. Been looking for a set of those hoops for a while now.
  5. so what was end result? I was told by AAA that they have listed mobile tire companies on contract for this type of problem, on my dime of course.
  6. dust is not an issue< at least no more noticeable then having windows and sliding glass door open. What I do notice is when Im running my Quiet Cool fan, my neighbor who dident want to spend the extra $1000 is running his AC all the time. I runthe air during day, then as soon as the outside air cools off, crank that thing on, and within 30 mins of evacuation the hot air from attic the house is perfect. well worth the $$$
  7. Liberty Mechanical.....Jake i believe is the guys name hes awsome, Quiet Cool is the ONLY way to fly. He did my house, new ac, heat, ducting, and fan... then did myneighbors too. no issues.
  8. Ratchet strap a car seat into your buggy seat. they fit well, are super secure, and is the safest option for the little bodies My kids tend to doze off in the car, so a neck support is still a good thing.
  9. do you know if its the padres tailgate park? or an ace lot?
  10. good info on the lot! If we make to that lot we will keep an eye out.
  11. has anyone been questioned by the BLM about this? just curious
  12. Dean Dlouhy garage doors 619-261-0431 solid work, nice guy. local fam business
  13. Any GD Toyota hook ups? I'm looking for a 4runner for the mrs? Thanks for any help.
  14. The Soco station on the 67 and vernon will order empty 30 for ya. they are not expensive there.

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