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  1. That's why I trim the backing paper to the same size of the decal and use scotch tape and tape it to the inside of the windshield. Been doing that since the decals first came out and have never had an issue.
  2. I'll chase you around in my Alumicraft, the sxs comes out of the trailer at the dunes maybe once a season. Glad my life doesn't revolve around my speed car showing up, when it gets here I'll enjoy it but not going to loose any sleep waiting for it.
  3. Gravel truck or mixer in Phoenix is paying $25-30 to start. Good luck at that rate.
  4. Sorry to hear JD, rest in peace Mrs. Dixon
  5. Roller coaster when you control the speed and length of the ride!!
  6. Would you come out if you had a couple of floors lined up? I want to do the same to my garage.
  7. Thanks for the honest feed back!!!
  8. I can't believe the amount of sh!t people pull out of their sxs when they roll up to their destination. EZ up, camp chairs, tables, portable shitter, it doesn't end. Glad they have a destination to go too, lets us know the areas to avoid.
  9. I hear ya!! Ditched my 4 seat sand car for an Alumicraft class 10 car and pulled the ecotec out and dropped in a 440. Can't wait to get back to the sand box with the new power plant. This was a race car, left the window nets and all the other race equipment it came with. Safety first!!!
  10. I for one appreciate your insight and updates. It seems the haters are the ones that don't have any skin in the game. Ignore the haters and keep us updated. I have one on order and understand the delay's they are now experiencing. If the delays bring about a better product, I don't mind waiting.
  11. Grundy covered mine since I have a couple of hotrods with them already, $150k value, $2600.
  12. If it was the F5 raw chassis car I sold it about a month ago.
  13. The only way we caught on was the guy went on vacation and we opened the bank statement that he usually got and flipped though it. We still have paper mailed statements that include copies of the cancelled checks. We noticed checks on the statement that were made out to him and that started the ball rolling. Could have been a lot worse had we not opened the bank statement or not had copies of the checks returned with the bank statement. How many people take the time to log on and review copies of cleared checks or other transactions.
  14. We went from a 5th wheel to a toterhome and stacker so I can't offer any real world advice on the hitch. I have seen posts that the hitch and possible the rear frame need to be beefed up depending on how the motorhome was built.
  15. Happens more than you realize. Went to a fraud seminar presented by Frank Abagnale Jr. that the movie Catch Me If You Can was based off of. The most common reason given for this type of theft wasn't to pay for a drug, gambling, or shopping addiction, it was the lack of internal company controls that made it easy for the for employee to steal. I believe him, my company got hit for $35k 10 years ago. Guy's parents wrote a check for $35k to keep him from going to jail.
  16. The belly lift is fantastic for the off road crowd so resale with the off road crowd will be better on the west coast. When I purchased ours, we needed it for more than just off roading and went with a full floor so I can haul a couple of hot rods when not going to the dunes. Putting a couple of quads on the lift and the car on the bottom will give you plenty of room. If you decide to add a sxs down the road, the belly lift will be beneficial. It can be done without the belly lift but it is a lot of extra work to fit the sxs on top and the car on the bottom. Fuel and water station is a lot more important to the off road crowd as well. We looked at a lot of stackers in the mid west and most of them didn't have fuel station or extra water tanks. Another option that came on my trailer is a small built in sink, didn't really think much of it until the first time I had to work on the car at the dunes, was able to get cleaned up in the trailer without having to track the mess into the motorhome. Really sold me on having a sink and keeping the wife happy not turning the motorhome sink black when I washed up.
  17. The $300 lift kit will beat you to death, it is cheap shocks and cheap springs. Look for a progressive rate spring and a quality shock. The shocks is where you will spend the money. My jeep had a 2.5" rough county lift kit and the first time out with the new 35" tires I ripped off both rear fenders. Went to a 3.5" lift progressive rate springs with ADS shocks and the ride was night and day different.
  18. Don't use a breakaway system on my jeep, just the safety chains/cables that came with the BlueOX tow bar.
  19. Looks like a lot of cars ready to ship just went up in smoke, glad I'm not waiting for one. The wait for the Speed car might be worth it now LOL
  20. Saw this on the way to work but its in AZ https://www.arizona.cars/inventory/used-2015-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-rubicon-4wd-sport-utility-1c4bjwfg4fl606891/#
  21. I have no issues driving my toterhome but it has an air ride suspension and air ride seats in it and floats down the road. It all depends on the chassis, some of the smaller super C's are on a spring chassis and they are a lot harsher than the air ride. Having the air ride seat makes a huge difference as well, not all super C's have air ride seats. Same for a pusher, the chassis will make the biggest difference on ride quality.
  22. My oldest is 30, moved out at 17 because I was to hard on him, bought a house at 25 and has never looked back. My wife and I ran into one of his friends that he played ball with as a teenager and he told us he wished his parents had taught him to work and exposed him to more than just baseball when he was growing up. He was having a hard time getting established because he didn't know much more than how to make a greasy burger. I ran into him again last year and he has finally found his footing and is doing very well.
  23. The one wheel wonder won't hurt you, its the sudden stop that will get you every time. Like stated above, the older I get the longer it takes to heal. Try wiping your ass with two broken arms.....

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