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  1. Sandrail Fab Dominator 2 seat sand car. -All aluminum v6 shortstar -Megasand 2d transmission rebuilt by Rancho -300m tapered axles -930 cvs -hydraulic power steering -king coilovers and 2.5 bypass in the rear -race radios car to car and intercom -heated seats -brand new powdercoated panels. There is alot of of car here for the money. Great car that is predictable and handles great, as well as easy to maintain. Plenty of power will pull the wheels right up, and is just a solid all around car. Best part is the builder is still in business and a well known business with good reputation. Best offer great car for someone to get into the sand. 14k
  2. thowell

    Pbs s4

    Maybe this is what i heard. Thanks!
  3. thowell

    Pbs s4

    Some have told me they arent desirable because they are out of business. I have seen peoples ads saying they had just been rebuilt? Who rebuilds them and what kind of cost comparably to a 2d in a rebuild would you be looking at? What are their weak points/strengths
  4. thowell

    Why not?

    I think i have read about it before, and i believe it was because of adapter plate problems? But why doesnt anybody run these new twin turbo ecoboosts in sandcars yet? With a tune you get really good affordable power that would seem to be fairly reliable.
  5. Love those colors with the subtle red. I appreciate the comment, they are great cars forsure! Someone will get a good one
  6. It wouldnt be too costly to add bypass, I dont think it would be worth passing on his car! You could eat off it
  7. Thats my old car, i sold it to a gentleman in Utah actually. The car above is my dads car im helping him sell. He wants to buy my brothers car... its a whole thing..

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