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  1. I have a mid engine car that would probably fit if you took the wing off every time. (3 zues fittings no big deal) .
  2. Question, the current wiring harness and computer will work switching from a j32A2 to a j35A4 right?
  3. Thank you! That looks great
  4. Can i see a pic of how you mounted it?
  5. So will the heads swap from the A2 to the j35A4?
  6. and will has j32A2 throttle body swap over to the j35A4?
  7. thats what we have learned the hard way. but still love the car. so j35A4 is the way to go then ? i have heard you are the guru for all things honda
  8. he currently has the j32A2 with two holes in the side of the block lol
  9. Is it the same block? Will it bolt in to the existing mounts and will all the turbo stuff still work fine?
  10. My brother blew up his j32 3.2 acura motor, had a guy that had one he was gonna go buy but got sold from under him. Anyone know where to get one of these? It would seem like there would be a million of them i guess we arent looking in the right places
  11. You guys were all spot on... pulled the sensor to the regulator and it was filled with water.. started the motor just off the battery and it ran absolutely perfect. Cleaned up the sensor and letting it dry out. Gonna try and see how it reacts but i may have fried the regulator. Looks like i found my issue though. MERRY CHRISTMAS
  12. Hahaha this made my day a little better. I will try that with the alternator.. and will keep you posted. THANK YOU and merry christmas!!
  13. Okay i will try this.. starting to get frusterated. Do you think the idle and running rough could come from a bad VR?
  14. I cleaned out all the spark plug wires with air, and aired out every single connection i could find... i guess i could have ruined something but doesnt seem theres any water anywhere

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